The Advent of the White Donkey

The Society rescued an unfortunate donkey while the authorities continue to ignore the plight of animals in distress

Two days ago a report was received in the SPCA’s call center about a neglected ten-year-old donkey found wandering around an army base in the south of the country. Unfortunately, the Society’s appeals to the authorities responsible for such cases went unanswered; as in most of these cases, the military veterinarian was unavailable and the Ministry of Agriculture simply ignored the request for help in evacuating the donkey.

In order to evacuate the donkey, the SPCA hired a special transport van at a cost of NIS1,100 and sent a groom to the military base in the evening. He brought the donkey to the Society’s stable for treatment.

As we said, this is not the first time that the authorities have ignored animals in distress. Last week, following a report of a horse in bad shape that was confiscated by the police in the Taibe region, the Ministry of Agriculture refused to vacate it and take it to a safe shelter. Dr. Tzvia Mindelberg, head of the equine field in the Ministry of Agriculture, claimed that she was unable to help due to budgetary limitations.

It is unreasonable that those entrusted with animal welfare and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Law, who receive a budget for this purpose, continually ignore the serous cases of abuse and neglect, do not respond to calls made to them by the police and other citizens and leave the matter of aid to those organizations who exist on donations. This conduct conveys a very negative message to the public and perpetuates the miserable conditions of the suffering animals.

The wretched and worn out donkey that was brought to the Society is in low physical condition following what appears to be a long period of suffering and neglect. He is suffering from an open wound on his hind leg that was not treated for a long time and around which maggots have accumulated. Now he is being fed with nourishing and high quality food, is getting medical care and we hope that in about a month, when his condition improves, we will find a suitable place where he will be given a home.

In order for us to continue helping animals in distress real time, we need your support to meet the costs of rescue and medical treatment. Every contribution, even the smallest, will help in the welfare of these animals.

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