Humane Education Department

The SPCA’s Humane Education Department runs educational activities for a variety of groups, from preschoolers, through corporate employees, to senior citizens

We believe that the road to a more humane and tolerant society goes through the education and cultivation of the younger generation. For this reason, we are constantly developing our Humane Education Department, which spreads our important messages via educational activities, newspapers, and creative games and teaching aids.

At the core of our activities are values such as tolerance, compassion, empathy, responsibility, generosity and respect for nature and the environment. Each one of these is a big word, but when we break them down into actions that stem from caring and love, these words become a way of life. Through our educational activities, we strive to create fruitful discourse about responsibility and respect for the animals around us and the world in which we live, discourse from which all sides can benefit.

Every year we conduct activities for groups of all ages, from preschoolers, to senior citizens, with participants from all walks of life, special needs, corporate employees who take part in special ‘contribution days’ for the community and so on. The activities take place in schools, community centers, retirement homes and other institutions. Groups that come to visit the Society enjoy a guided tour and a hands-on encounter with the animals.

Group visits at the Society’s complex

Organized groups visiting the Society enjoy a guided tour during which they meet the animals at the shelter. Afterwards they can walk the dogs that are up for adoption and take part in a creative activity. Most visitors bring donations of food, blankets and equipment for the animals, as well as bottles and cans for recycling, or a monetary donation. For that, we and the animals thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Educational activities outside the complex

Counselors from the Humane Education Department go out to schools, youth movements, retirement homes and other institutions to run a 90-minute activity. This includes a lecture and the use of various means, including video-clips, games, colorful worksheets and creative activities, depending on the age of the audience.

Corporate activities – community contributions

The Humane Education Department hosts groups from different companies that are interested in contributing to the community. For more information, please call us.

Birthdays at the Society

We offer birthday celebrations with added value, including activities, games and lots of four-legged friends!
The Humane Education Department organizes birthday parties for children, combining important messages and values suitable for all age groups alongside fun animal-related activities. The birthday parties are run by experienced guides and include a guided tour of the facilities, meeting the animals, dog walking, original games and creative activities. The parents are invited beforehand to decorate the site, to invite a guest entertainer and to use our kitchen facilities.


The Humane Education Department’s flagship project is the SPCA Club. Its members are youngsters from elementary school, middle school, high school, preschool, and from special education, as well, who come from both the Jewish and Arab sectors. The Club recruits these educational institutions to take action for animals and take part in various activities, including collecting bottles for recycling, the proceeds of which go to buy food for the animals dwelling in the society’s shelter. For further details and to join the SPCA Club, please call us.

To receive additional details about the activities of our educational department, to coordinate visits, and for information regarding our educational projects, please call us at: *4553, (+972)-3-5136500.


Students from the Kibbutz Galuyot School in Petach Tikva visiting the shelter
Students from the Kibbutz Galuyot School in Petach Tikva visiting the shelter