Pet Boarding Services

Going on vacation? Trying to find an appropriate arrangement for your cat or dog? The SPCA kennel, which has veterinary supervision, will be happy to board your pet at an affordable price until your return

Unfortunately, animals are abandoned when their owners go on vacation. In an effort to stop this from happening, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel offers pet owners a simple and accessible solution – a ‘boarding-house’ kennel for cats and dogs in Tel Aviv, for limited periods of time, at affordable prices.

The Society’s cat and dog boarding facility in Tel Aviv has been in operation for many years and is run by a reliable, skilled and experienced team, who treat hundreds of cats and dogs every month with love and endless dedication. We make sure your pets receive the very best care and treatment.

The boarding facility provides the animals with their own relatively roomy cubicles. Every morning each pet receives a veterinary check-up and the dogs are taken out for long, pampering walks.


Please note – each animal that enters the boarding facility has a veterinary check-up at its arrival and upon departure.

Dogs: before a dog enters the kennel, we ensure it is electronically chipped, and we check current documentation for rabies and DHLPP vaccinations. Similarly, it is recommended to vaccinate them against whooping-cough about two weeks before they are brought in.

Cats: it is recommended they have a valid FVRCP vaccination.

SPCA is located at 159 Herzl Street in Tel Aviv. You are welcome to contact us at: *4553 and we will be happy to help.