The Hedgehog Season

SPCA has taken in hedgehogs in distress and provided them with veterinary care and rehabilitation

During the past few week, we have received several weak or ailing hedgehogs that were brought in to us by passers-by.  Our veterinary staff cared for the hedgehogs and returned them to their natural habitat or transferred them to the veterinary hospital for wild animals at the Safari zoo, where they received additional care.

One of the hedgehogs that was brought to us was weak and suffering from severe dehydration.  As can be seen in the picture, it drank continuously when we offered it water, and later it was also fed. Another young hedgehog that we named Shmulik was brought to us after being run over and nearly killed by a car. He too received care at the Society’s veterinary primary clinic and was then transferred to the Safari for further treatment.

Note: Hedgehogs are wild animals that are protected by law, and must not be raised at home.  If you encounter a hedgehog in distress, notify the Society or contact a veterinarian for assistance.

Blacky’s Rehabilitation

A happy ending: After being hit by a car and found injured alongside Highway 6, Blacky went through a long rehabilitation at the Society and ultimately found a warm and loving home

Blacky, a 7-month old mixed-breed female, arrived at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel six months ago, after she was hit by a car and found injured alongside Highway 6. During an examination carried out at the Society’s clinic she was diagnosed with two fractures in her right foreleg.

The Society staff took Blacky to Dr. Hudik, a veterinarian with expertise in orthopedic surgery. Blacky underwent surgery, during which a pin was inserted into her leg and the leg was bandaged and put in a splint. For many weeks Blacky had to stay in a sterile room and avoid any activity, while our devoted staff took care of her, helping her eat and relieve herself.

Blacky turned out to be a friendly and loving dog, and her physical condition did not affect her joie de vivre. Throughout her recovery process, Blacky showed her gratitude by kissing and licking all of her caregivers, and her condition improved daily.

At the end of the six-month rehabilitation period, Blacky recovered completely, and the Society staff began looking for a warm and loving home for her. The lucky person to take her home was Yuval Baruch, and Blacky embarked on a new life, spayed, vaccinated and playful.

A Second Chance at a Good Life

Watch the feature film reviewing the history of the association and its activities on behalf of animals, which was produced by ILTV

The program titled “Cruising Israel”, produced by ILTV, dedicated a special feature to SPCA Israel. The reporter,Natalie Twersky, visited the association, toured the shelter and met the various animals housed there. In the article, she recounts the association’s history and its activities on behalf of animals, and talks to the adoptions advisor and the association’s chairperson.

Sia Dolorosa

A dog,cruelly tied to a pole in the sea, almost drowned. She was saved by a passer-by, received dedicated treatment at the SPCA and has found a warm home

Yet again we see that there is no end to ignorance and cruelty. Fortunately, this time a life was saved.

While jogging on the beach in Jisr al-Zarqa [an Arab coastal town], AssafZargarian noticed something suspicious in the water. When he approached the scene, he was shocked to find a helpless dog tied to a pole in the sea, the high waves threatening to drown her. Assaf rushed to untie the knot and free the dog, after which he phoned the SPCA Israel call center.

A passing teenager explained that he had seen a young boy tie the dog to the pole,probably thinking this was the way to rid her of the ticks on her body. Since the young boy had vanished, a complaint could not be brought against the offender.

The SPCA rescuers took the dog to the veterinary clinic, where she was treated and given the name Sia. The SPCA team and volunteers showered Sia with love for weeks and helped her forget the trauma she’d been through. She received the necessary vaccinations and an electronic chip, was spayed and began waiting patiently for the right family to adopt her.

Sia, a two-year-old mixed breed, is a gentle, devoted and quiet dog that craves affection. While on a walk in the SPCA yard with one of our volunteers she was noticed by the Goldstein family who had come to adopt a dog. They fell in love with Sia at first sight and after hearing her story they promised to give her a warm home and treat her with love.

We are grateful to Assaf, whose quick actions rescued Sia and gave her a chance at a better life.

To raise awareness and prevent cases of cruelty to animals, the SPCA’s Humane Education Department regularly holds special educational activities in the Arab sector.

If you have encountered an animal in distress, please do not ignore it. Call us at *4553 or report to the appropriate authorities.

“No longer “Invisible

A special project in cooperation with ‘Petnet’ website: Thirteen dogs that were quarantined under terrible conditions were brought to the SPCA shelter, where they are awaiting good and loving homes

This week SPCA Israel’s shelter took in thirteen dogs that had been held in quarantine under terrible conditions in the north of the country. This was done in order to grant them an opportunity for adoption and a good life with loving families. Many professionals enlisted to volunteer to assist the “Invisible Dogs” project initiated by Petnet and, through a united effort, the dogs were brought to SPCA.

According to the staff at Petnet: “When we arrived at the quarantine site, we witnessed a horrifying picture – dozens of mostly young and healthy dogs that had been abandoned by their owners, all of them in cages, waiting to be put down”.

The 13 newcomers brought to the SPCA shelter have undergone a complete transformation. Thanks to pampering showers, haircuts and grooming, they have transformed from neglected, dirty and “invisible” dogs to attractive, handsome models of beauty. Now, after veterinary check-ups and treatment, they are eagerly waiting to “open a new chapter” in their lives and to give lots of love to the lucky people who adopt them. You are cordially invited to the SPCA to offer them a new home.

Photography: Lior Golsad

We would like to thank Petnet; Lior Golsad, the canine photographer; Stas Kahn, the videographer; Ziv Rozenblat who volunteers at the quarantine site; Dr Avi Pacho who vaccinated the dogs against rabies; Eyal Gatnu, who rescued the dogs and brought them to the shelter; Inbal Van Karfeld and Tom Morley from the ‘Miss Dulitel’ dog salon, who groomed the dogs; and Robert Raviv from ‘Petpo’, who was tasked with their grooming.

The Pink Panther

After suffering severe abuse and being rescued and rehabilitated at SPCA, Bazooka can finally smile again

A few weeks ago Bazooka, a sweet ten month-old cat that had suffered extreme cruelty, arrived at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel. He was in grave condition, his body covered in unsightly sores and burns, and his fur dyed bright pink.

Over the past few weeks Bazooka has been under medical supervision and the Society’s dedicated team of veterinarians have been looking after him with tender loving care. Despite his suffering and pain, he was cooperative throughout his treatments and was found to be a very sociable cat that craves attention and loves being stroked.

As Bazooka got stronger, gained weight, and his sores healed, we started searching for a home for him, with owners that would be able to give him a “pink” and optimistic future, full of love and contented purring. After we made Bazooka’s story public through the media and social networks, Shmulik and Yakir came by the Society’s shelter and decided to adopt him.

Bazooka was neutered, had all his vaccinations and his fur shaved off, and the time came to say goodbye. We wish Bazooka a good and happy life with his new family.

If you come across an animal in distress, please don’t turn a blind eye. Phone the SPCA call center at: *4553.

Bazooka with his new family
Bazooka with his new family

Cat Suffers Severe Abuse

A cat that underwent severe abuse is now under veterinary supervision in the SPCA Clinic

Over and over again we witness appalling cases of abuse and one’s heart goes out to those helpless animals

In response to a call from the District Veterinarian, Dr. Abu Ras, from the Veterinary Department in Taibe, we urgently sent the rescuer, Eyal Gatenu, to bring the cat that had suffered severe abuse to the SPCA Clinic. According to reports, the injured cat was tied by a rope, dragged along the streets and had its fur painted pink. The cat was caught and confiscated by the local Community Police Chief with the help of the Border Police, who took a man suspected of involvement in this cruel act into custody. We hope that the police and the legal system will bring the criminals that perpetrated this abuse to justice.

החתול בזוקה

The cat, who was given the name Bazooka, reached the clinic in very bad condition, suffering from dehydration and deep, infected cuts in the stomach area, on its tail and rectum, apparently as a result of burns. Dr. Lena Algerbeli, an SPCA veterinarian, gave him first aid – analgesics, infusions of liquids and antibiotics and high quality food to help him regain his strength. The following day, under light anesthetic, the cat underwent thorough examination and treatment of the damaged tissue. The diagnosis was that, in addition to the wounds, his is suffering a viral infection and eye infection. At present the cat is under close medical supervision, is being administered antibiotics and ointments and his wounds are being cleaned and sterilized. The doctors are following his progress and in accordance with the pace of his recuperation it will be decided whether to suture some of the wounds. The pink color is slowly diminishing with the help of washes.

Poor Bazooka is slowly recovering and the SPCA staff is pampering him all the while. Despite the abuse that he underwent and the wounds from which he is suffering, he puts his trust in those who are caring for him and we see that he is a friendly and easy-going cat. We all hope that he will get well very quickly and once he is fully recuperated we will be able to sterilize him, give him all the necessary vaccinations and find him a responsible and loving home where he will be able to forget about the trauma and live a happy life.

Under light anesthetics. Bazooka being treated for his wounds and burns
Under light anesthetics. Bazooka being treated for his wounds and burns

We call upon school principals and youth leaders from all over the country to call the SPCA and to strengthen the ties with our Department of Education, which offers educational activities aimed at raising awareness and preventing cases of abuse and neglect of animals.

If you come across an animal in distress, please do not ignore it. Call the SPCA call center at: *4553.


I was orphaned when I was only three months old and I suffered from developmental problems because of a lack of mother's milk. In the SPCA stables they take care of me and I even have an adopted mother - Cheetah - who watches out for me and never leaves me for even a moment

The filly, Shirley, was born on a farm where conditions for rearing her were inappropriate. Her mother was in depleted physical condition, which prevented her from nursing Shirley and caused developmental problems. She reached the SPCA stables when she was three months old, suffering from undernourishment, a weakened pelvic area and hind legs and had a limp. Due to the lack of mother’s milk, she was underweight so was given nutritional supplements and a milk substitute suited to foals.

Shirley on her arrival at the SPCA
Shirley on her arrival at the SPCA

During the last few months Shirley has gained strength and is slowly gaining weight. She underwent professional hoof-trimming and dental filing, and in order to strengthen and rehabilitate the pelvic area and her legs, the stables staff worked with her consistently, taking her for slow, gentle walks on a rope lead. From her first day in the SPCA stables, Shirley was adopted by Cheetah, a mature, eighteen year old mare.

Shirley and Cheetah – never apart
Shirley and Cheetah – never apart

Update: 2.5 years after Shirley started her rehabilitation process, we found for her a farm, and now she enjoys quiet life with other horses.

Louis’s Luck

Following lengthy rehabilitation in the SPCA, Louis found a warm and loving home

“We are just as lucky as him, we lucked out!”, say Danielle Nevro and Yariv Katz with a smile as they pet and hug Louis, the dog they adopted from the SPCA.

Whoever sees this perfect picture will find it hard to believe that only a few weeks ago Louis, a German Shepherd about one year old, was found roaming the streets, wounded and in danger of his life. Following a report that reached the SPCA call center, a team member was sent out to catch him and bring him to our veterinary clinic. He was debilitated, thin and apathetic and his whole neck area, his head and ears, were covered with over fifty infected cuts and wounds that, according to the veterinarian’s opinion, were caused by bites or from getting caught in a barbed-wire fence.

Our veterinarians took Louis in for emergency surgery, during which his head was shaved and further wounds were discovered that were treated and sterilized. Louis received infusions and special food to stabilize his condition, and the whole SPCA team crossed their fingers hoping that his weak body would hold up and survive.

Louis on the day of his arrival at the SPCA
Louis on the day of his arrival at the SPCA

During the following weeks Louis was under medical supervision and received dedicated and loving care from the SPCA staff. He recuperated quickly, his wounds started to heal, his fur grew back and his appetite returned. He was found to be a friendly and good-nature dog, fully cooperating with his treatment despite the pain he was in, as though he understood, just like a person, that the hands touching him would heal him.

When he was strong enough, Louis received all the necessary vaccinations and a microchip, underwent castration and we started to look for an adoptive home where he would be enveloped in love and would be able to forget the hardship he had been through.

During rehabilitation – recovering and regaining his strength
During rehabilitation – recovering and regaining his strength

Those who won Louis’ affection are Danielle and Yariv, who came to the SPCA to adopt a large dog with mild energy levels who would get along with other dogs. Louis’ story touched their hearts, and following a meeting with the SPCA adoption counselor and a long walk with Louis, they decided to adopt him.

As we all hoped, today Louis is a loved and pampered dog. Yariv, who works in the real estate start-up Fisbo, takes Louis to the office with him every day, where he has a comfy bed, lots of toys and gets a lot of attention from the rest of the staff. “It is wonderful to see the change in Louis, from a frightened and apathetic dog to the well cared for and happy dog he is today”, the couple say, and we are happy that the matchmaking was a success and wish them all many happy years together.

If you come across an animal in distress, please do not ignore it – call the SPCA call center: *4553.


For long years, I slaved away pulling wagons while my health was neglected. Luckily for me, I reached the SPCA stables, where I am undergoing rehabilitation and getting professional, medical care. In the stables I adopted Shirley, a young orphaned filly

For many years Cheetah, a mature, eighteen year old mare, worked as a slave, pulling heavy wagons and suffering abuse while her medical problems were neglected. She arrived at the SPCA stables with severe wounds and in extremely low physical condition. During her rehabilitation Cheetah was given disinfecting washes, fed nourishing food, had her hoofs trimmed and her teeth filed. Gradually she gained weight under a controlled regimen.

Cheetah undergoing dental filing
Cheetah undergoing dental filing

One month after Cheetah came here to us, a young filly, named Shirley, joined the stables. Amazing Cheetah adopted her and doesn’t leave her for a moment.

Cheetah enjoys a cool, refreshing shower
Cheetah enjoys a cool, refreshing shower
Cheetah and her adopted daughter, Shirley
Cheetah and her adopted daughter, Shirley

Update: In the end of the rehabilitation process Cheetah was adopted by owners of a private horse farm.