Cat Suffers Severe Abuse

A cat that underwent severe abuse is now under veterinary supervision in the SPCA Clinic

Over and over again we witness appalling cases of abuse and one’s heart goes out to those helpless animals

In response to a call from the District Veterinarian, Dr. Abu Ras, from the Veterinary Department in Taibe, we urgently sent the rescuer, Eyal Gatenu, to bring the cat that had suffered severe abuse to the SPCA Clinic. According to reports, the injured cat was tied by a rope, dragged along the streets and had its fur painted pink. The cat was caught and confiscated by the local Community Police Chief with the help of the Border Police, who took a man suspected of involvement in this cruel act into custody. We hope that the police and the legal system will bring the criminals that perpetrated this abuse to justice.

החתול בזוקה

The cat, who was given the name Bazooka, reached the clinic in very bad condition, suffering from dehydration and deep, infected cuts in the stomach area, on its tail and rectum, apparently as a result of burns. Dr. Lena Algerbeli, an SPCA veterinarian, gave him first aid – analgesics, infusions of liquids and antibiotics and high quality food to help him regain his strength. The following day, under light anesthetic, the cat underwent thorough examination and treatment of the damaged tissue. The diagnosis was that, in addition to the wounds, his is suffering a viral infection and eye infection. At present the cat is under close medical supervision, is being administered antibiotics and ointments and his wounds are being cleaned and sterilized. The doctors are following his progress and in accordance with the pace of his recuperation it will be decided whether to suture some of the wounds. The pink color is slowly diminishing with the help of washes.

Poor Bazooka is slowly recovering and the SPCA staff is pampering him all the while. Despite the abuse that he underwent and the wounds from which he is suffering, he puts his trust in those who are caring for him and we see that he is a friendly and easy-going cat. We all hope that he will get well very quickly and once he is fully recuperated we will be able to sterilize him, give him all the necessary vaccinations and find him a responsible and loving home where he will be able to forget about the trauma and live a happy life.

Under light anesthetics. Bazooka being treated for his wounds and burns
Under light anesthetics. Bazooka being treated for his wounds and burns

We call upon school principals and youth leaders from all over the country to call the SPCA and to strengthen the ties with our Department of Education, which offers educational activities aimed at raising awareness and preventing cases of abuse and neglect of animals.

If you come across an animal in distress, please do not ignore it. Call the SPCA call center at: *4553.