It’s Cold Outside

But inside it's cozy and warm. Help us equip our kennel with infra-red heating lamps before winter arrives in full force

Winter is around the corner, and we at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel are doing our very best to provide a safe, protected environment for the cats and dogs in our care with the help of suitable equipment and gear. The preparations require large monetary expenditures, chiefly for maintenance of the protective awning and purchase of infra-red heating lamps.

While our ‘cat-house’ is a closed air-conditioned structure, the dog kennel poses a more complex challenge. Special awning to protect the dogs from the cold and wind, which was purchased at no small sum of money, is in need of constant maintenance.

Several years ago, following consultation with experts in the field, we decided to heat the dog kennels with infra-red heating lamps. These lamps have many advantages: instant and focused heating, low electricity consumption, water and wind resistance, and a long life-span of thousands of hours of use. In addition, the lamps are user-friendly, non-toxic and approved by the European and Israeli Standards Institutes.

Due to wear and tear, however, we now have to carry out extensive electric repairs in the kennels and to renew our stock of special infra-red bulbs (each of which costs NIS 50) and bulb-holding sockets at a cost of NIS 200 per unit.

Please help the adorable dogs in our shelter to stay warm in the cold winter months by making a donation for heating lamp. Donations may be made by credit card by calling *4553 or via the ‘Donations page‘ on our website. 

At the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, located at 159 Herzl St. in Tel Aviv, we would also deeply appreciate donations of food, kitty litter, and new or used items including blankets, sheets, towels, leashes, collars, sweaters etc.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks, extended to each and every donor, for your generous gift of love.