“No – man’s – land” dogs

That is how they name them and that is exactly how they live, very miserable, destitute lives.

Hundreds of packs of dogs, tremendously suffer, under very harsh living conditions, in the Negev area and in the rural north of Israel.

Continuous hunger, thirst, illness, being struck by passing vehicles, are all part of the daily insufferable life of these apparently “transparent” dogs, that are so easily ignored.

Thousands of dogs aimlessly roaming rural areas (especially in the Negev), are the result of long term neglect and disregard. However, their overwhelming anguish, is apparent here and now.

There is no savior for those who suffer and require urgent help, those that were hit by cars and trucks, the sick and the infirm, heavily pregnant and lactating bitches and newborn pups, their days numbered in this horrific and sad survival war.

We need your help, so that we can acquire humane capturing equipment and so help and prevent, the suffering of these “No – man’s – land” dogs.

We will not be able to help them all, but surely, we will be able to prevent the immense hardship, of those

who are severely affected.

Thanks to your contributions, we hope to equip the activists who help the abandoned animals in the south of Israel, as they face huge shortages of manpower and capturing equipment.

The cost of bringing these animals to the veterinary clinics and the rehabilitation costs of those that are

adoption – worthy, are very high.

The price of one humane trap for a large dog, is between 1800 – 2500 NIS and we need quite a few of these traps.

We also require several capture poles, nets, protective gloves and any other essential equipment, which is needed in order to capture these ailing dogs, who require immediate veterinary attention.

Transport and manpower costs are a substantial part of the rescue budget.

Your contributions will enable us to have a financial support network, which will allow us to help more dogs and other organizations, who will accommodate and rehabilitate the dogs.

We, here at the Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, appeal to your heart and ask you to join our important journey to the Negev, to help the “no – man’s – land” dogs.

The more supporters and partners we have on board, the more we can prevent grief and suffering.

You are all life saviors!

The total cost of the equipment is about 76,000 NIS and we do desperately need it, like a breath of fresh air.

Our heartfelt thank you, for your attention and support

The Israeli SPCA family

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