Bethlechem – Tel Aviv

Helping out dogs – evetwhere: SPCA Israel rescued 15 dogs from Bethlechem, rehabilitated them and helped them find devoted owners and loving homes as they deserve

On April, during the first lockdown in Israel due to Covid-19 pandemic, six of our Association’s team went to Bethlehem’s checkpoint to meet Diana Georgy Babis, the manager of “Animal and Environment Association”. Diana takes care of 60 dogs in the association’s shelter in Bethlehem, while people hardly adopt them.

Our team met her and 15 dogs at the checkpoint, and they were transferred to the SPCA Israel’s shelter in Tel Aviv so we could take care of them and find them loving homes. The dogs received medical check and care, and after a long way, each one of the dogs received their own cell with food, water and bed.

After 90 days in quarantine, as regulations demand, the dogs became candidates for adoption, after chipping, vaccination and neutering. They didn’t have to wait too long until they found the right owners who give them warm and loving homes, as they deserve, forever.

Hilma Shmoshkovits, SPCA Israel’s Chairperson said: “This is a positive point, humane, a good will gesture between activists for animals. A devotion to help the helpless, deserted dogs, our best friends. Moreover, we hope that the outcome will be better companionship and solidarity”. Gadi Vitner, SPCA Israel’s spokesman said: “We are proud of taking in the abandoned dogs that need shelter and protection. This is exactly what we’re here for”.

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