Mr. Carmel Shama Hacohen, Mayor Ramat Gan, what will it be?

How long will you continue to make the captive animals miserable at the Safari Zoo?

A very bad and infuriating report we received from our zoologist Hila Akstraight, the representative of the Association, who has been acting on behalf of the Association for the past two years in cooperation with the park’s management and the representatives of the city of RG, zoologists and zoologists and caregivers at the Safari Zoo, sound people and party distributors, And even present at parties and have observations and noise measurements with her colleagues, to minimize the damage to the well-being of the animals at the zoo caused by trance parties insisting on having a national park near the safari

In this framework, Hila attended the last trance party held in 28.05 in the National Park bordering with the Zoo to minimize the damage caused by these parties that harm animal welfare.

She got upset and upset that the understandings and summaries reached by representatives of the Animal Welfare Association in Israel with the producers and municipal officials over the past two years, and conditions set out were not in the field, and the party was held not as agreed and suffered (to say the least), distress and fear for the captured animals.

From the zoologist’s report:”Unfortunately, the successful estimates and improvement of the trend were cut off roughly at a party that took place last Saturday night (28.5.22), because of a complete disregard for the production that produced the future Memory event at the guidelines given, and therefore the animal welfare was damaged.

The same company also produced the previous party in 31.10.21, and there were buds of problematic behavior, when at the same time, they did a sound check on Paul Valium, which caused a lot of panic in the zebra herd, a panic that once caused a herding and unnecessary death of zebra.

In a preliminary meeting for this event in 15.5.22, producers were specifically told not to repeat this behavior, and they promised that the sound check would be low intensity.

Unfortunately, the day before the party last Saturday, we had a sound test at noon at Paul Valium, which followed by her safari therapists reported missing experience and zebra, antelope, and other herd animals in African territory, indicating a severe impact on animal welfare and significantly endangering them.

On Saturday, a sound check was conducted again at 9:00 a.m. on a high volume, and therapists reported that both the Asians and the African elephant herd had heard distress calls. In addition to this, it was revealed that the production had not been held for the estimates set by Mr. Samuel King, for five O’clock in the afternoon, that a strong set of basins were not supposed to be felt at all in the African territory, accompanied by a high decibel force far beyond what was decided in the preparations for the parties.

Each time the taxes were activated, it brought a gallop of zebras to life. Reports from the zoologist Hila Ahkyan and safari’s caretavers have been observed to be unusual in the open African area and for the first time since cooperation began, even in the zoo that is relatively far away.

The observation reports included beyond a gallop of zebras during the bass operation, even a run of all rhinoceros including a limp rhino that almost runs whose tails are rolled up (sign of distress), the roar of the Syrian bears in their night structure, the distress calls of Asian elephants and these are just the animals observedThe production did not have time to download the volume and only after complaints from all the professional elements and the legal counsel of the Association of Attorney Inbal Kider live with a specific threat that would immediately appeal to Judge Thorne for a temporary restraining order and the closure of the party, the bosses were removed under the direction of Mr. Samuel Malki, and at the same time the animals calmed down.

“In conclusion, Mr. Carmel Shama, Mayor Ramat Gan, if the city of Ramat Gan doesn’t know how to take over its producers, don’t throw parties in her national park!!!

No more parties, next to animals in captivity, no more harming the welfare of the animals in captivity.

We call upon the public that they care, to the public that knows how painful it is for the animals to experience the noise from the ear-spreader to the public that thinks the parties should be banned, join us and together in public pressure that comes out of the heart, we will be able to divert the parties to another location in or around the city.

Share the post, respond, let it resonate and reach as many people as possible who will be aware of the current painful situation, and they will also be able to make their voice heard.

Respond here, Mayor R.J and his advisors are reading everything.

We hope Mr. Carmel that this will be the last loud party to hit the animals and no more trance parties or any unwelcome decibels alongside the captive animals.

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