We have a serious emergency situation

A true and long term hardship

For the last six months or so, the number of applicants for adopting cats and dogs, has drastically reduced and amounts to very few adoptions, which are the lifeline of the animals and us.

It is very sad and heart breaking to daily walk through the shelter and see the dogs, practically begging for a loving hand and a warm embrace.

Nearly 200 dogs (most of them are ready for adoption and the rest are recuperating) and nearly 40 amazing cats (most of them are cute kittens), are sitting, waiting in their cages.

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The worst is yet to come, as we are at the midst of the whelping season, which as always, will bring thousands of puppies and kittens into the streets, suffering anguish and distress.

Their lives and our lives, as their loving caregivers, are very hard.

Therefore, the real problem is the decline in adopting animals, but also the serious lack of donations and funds, that are necessary for continuing the important work of the Israeli SPCA.

Our first plea is to you, please spread the message of love to all those around you, consider to responsibly adopt a loving pet that will do you good and will bring happiness all around.

The second plea is also desperate. We appeal to your generous and plentiful heart. Please send bags of dry adult dog and cat food, bags of puppies and kitten food, as well as cat litter bags, so that we can keep the hygiene at the Cattery.

We need over 1 ton of dry food very month, in order to feed all the animals at the shelter and our food storage is rapidly emptying. The cat litter bags also run out very quickly.When you buy food or cat litter for your beloved pet, please spare a thought for the animals at the shelter and send them some cat litter and food bags.

Only with your help, we can carry on with our work and mission, to help and provide shelter, treatment and care, in order to prevent cruelty and suffering of abandoned and unwanted animals.

Please be generous and enlighten the darkness for these animals.

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Via Paybox – 054-8789980

With our very heartfelt thanks and gratitude,The Israeli SPCA Family