The Pink Panther

After suffering severe abuse and being rescued and rehabilitated at SPCA, Bazooka can finally smile again

A few weeks ago Bazooka, a sweet ten month-old cat that had suffered extreme cruelty, arrived at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel. He was in grave condition, his body covered in unsightly sores and burns, and his fur dyed bright pink.

Over the past few weeks Bazooka has been under medical supervision and the Society’s dedicated team of veterinarians have been looking after him with tender loving care. Despite his suffering and pain, he was cooperative throughout his treatments and was found to be a very sociable cat that craves attention and loves being stroked.

As Bazooka got stronger, gained weight, and his sores healed, we started searching for a home for him, with owners that would be able to give him a “pink” and optimistic future, full of love and contented purring. After we made Bazooka’s story public through the media and social networks, Shmulik and Yakir came by the Society’s shelter and decided to adopt him.

Bazooka was neutered, had all his vaccinations and his fur shaved off, and the time came to say goodbye. We wish Bazooka a good and happy life with his new family.

If you come across an animal in distress, please don’t turn a blind eye. Phone the SPCA call center at: *4553.

Bazooka with his new family
Bazooka with his new family