A Second Chance at a Good Life

Watch the feature film reviewing the history of the association and its activities on behalf of animals, which was produced by ILTV

The program titled “Cruising Israel”, produced by ILTV, dedicated a special feature to SPCA Israel. The reporter,Natalie Twersky, visited the association, toured the shelter and met the various animals housed there. In the article, she recounts the association’s history and its activities on behalf of animals, and talks to the adoptions advisor and the association’s chairperson.

The Pink Panther

After suffering severe abuse and being rescued and rehabilitated at SPCA, Bazooka can finally smile again

A few weeks ago Bazooka, a sweet ten month-old cat that had suffered extreme cruelty, arrived at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel. He was in grave condition, his body covered in unsightly sores and burns, and his fur dyed bright pink.

Over the past few weeks Bazooka has been under medical supervision and the Society’s dedicated team of veterinarians have been looking after him with tender loving care. Despite his suffering and pain, he was cooperative throughout his treatments and was found to be a very sociable cat that craves attention and loves being stroked.

As Bazooka got stronger, gained weight, and his sores healed, we started searching for a home for him, with owners that would be able to give him a “pink” and optimistic future, full of love and contented purring. After we made Bazooka’s story public through the media and social networks, Shmulik and Yakir came by the Society’s shelter and decided to adopt him.

Bazooka was neutered, had all his vaccinations and his fur shaved off, and the time came to say goodbye. We wish Bazooka a good and happy life with his new family.

If you come across an animal in distress, please don’t turn a blind eye. Phone the SPCA call center at: *4553.

Bazooka with his new family
Bazooka with his new family

Class Photo

Tens of abandoned kittens, who were born last spring, are crying out for gentle hands to stroke them and warm homes to live in

Diesel was rescued from the engine of a parked car; Pele was almost run over on a busy road and was saved through the kindness of two tourists; Ronnie and Yoni were abandoned in a cardboard box along with their mother; and Gali, Mali and Toby only just survived without their mother until they were picked up by alert neighbors. All these cute kittens, along with many others, reached the SPCA following the whelping season last spring, and now they are crying out for warm homes and responsible owners who will take care of them lovingly for the rest of their lives. In order to encourage adoption of kittens, the SPCA prepared a ‘Kittens Class Photo – Graduates of Spring 2015’.

Kittens Class Photo - Graduates of Spring 2015
Kittens Class Photo – Graduates of Spring 2015

The kitten whelping season brings with it huge numbers of kittens every year. Most of them are born on the streets to homeless cats and must deal with the cruel realities of life and difficult conditions of survival, while others are born to house-cats whose owners didn’t take care to have them spayed. The SPCA, whose gates are always open to all animals in distress, took in tens of kittens in the past few months. The staff of the SPCA looked after these adorable kittens for many long weeks with care and affection and now, at the age of three months, they are candidates for adoption. It is vital to point out that, in order to prevent uncontrolled proliferation of kittens and pups, who have great difficulty in finding adoptive homes, all the dogs and cats given out for adoption from the SPCA are spayed or neutered.

Voting twice!!

Election Day in the Society: Come to select a new four-legged friend

On Tuesday, March 17, the Knesset elections will take place, and while many businesses will be closed, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel will be open from 08:00-17:00.

We invite the public to take advantage of this Election Day holiday, to come to the SPCA and choose a new four-legged friend from the hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats that are waiting for warm and loving homes.

All visitors will be greeted by adoption counselors and the SPCA veterinarians, who will help in the selection of the most suitable pet, that will bring joy and happiness to the adopters’ lives.

The Business Sector encourages Animal Adoptions

Groundbreaking Project: The high tech firm, Eternity, will bear the costs of animal adoption for its staff and business partners

A first-of-its-kind cooperation between the business sector and the voluntary sector is setting out. The Israeli high-tech company, Eternity, specializing in development of smart business solutions (BI), is encouraging its workers, partners and other contacts to adopt abandoned dogs and cats in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, and is underwriting the adoption costs from the company’s budget.

In accordance with the responsible adoption policy practice in the SPCA, an adoption counseling team will support potential adopters, helping them to choose their most suitable pet, with emphasis on the responsibility and commitment involved when welcoming a new four-legged friend into the family. All adopted animals leaving the SPCA do so after being inoculated, spayed or sterilized, and with all dogs being fitted with a microchip.

According to Assaf Bar, CEO of Eternity: “Contributing to the community has always been a central part of the core activity of the Company, since its establishment eight years ago. Especially during these difficult and cold days, when everyone is trying to find shelter from the cold beside their heating systems at home, we often forget that there are tens of thousands of abandoned animals on the streets or in the various organizations, all looking for warm homes. I call upon all 160 members of the Company’s staff, our partners and my own acquaintances, as well as others, to open their hearts and adopt a pet.”

We in the SPCA thank Eternity for its most welcome initiative and call upon other companies to join this unique project in order to raise awareness of abandoned animals and to help them find warm and loving homes.

To view the dogs and cats waiting for adoption, Click here.

Main photo: Dr. Yelena Algrabli, the SPCA veterinarian, and Asaf Bar, CEO Eternity

The cat, Simona, was adopted by Rotem Ashkenazi of Eternity, and left for her new home after being spayed.
The cat, Simona, was adopted by Rotem Ashkenazi of Eternity, and left for her new home after being spayed.

Everyone is Special

A new clip for the unique SPCA campaign for the Festival of Love – Tu B'Av

In the framework of the unique SPCA campaign for the Hebrew Festival of Love, “Their Tu B’Av”, the Department for Humanistic Education produced a clip to the song “Everyone is Special”, that was written for this occasion and sung by Tomer Hershkowitz. The campaign wishes to emphasize that while we are celebrating Tu B’Av, a day which, according to Jewish tradition, marks love and reconciliation, we should also remember our animals, who also need our love, warmth and attention.

The clip describes the daily life of a black, adult street dog, trying to survive in a cold and heartless world. While she is longing for a little sympathy, people pass her by and ignore her. In her loneliness, her heart contracts each time she sees other dogs showered with love by their owners. While she is searching through the garbage for food, she imagines herself enjoying a nice juicy bone. In her imagination she sees a warm and loving home, when in reality she has to cope with her destiny that showers blows upon her mercilessly.

In the clip, Nemesh, a nine-year-old black Labrador plays the leading role. She was chosen because of the painful fact with which the SPCA adoption counselors have to deal on a daily basis – potential adopters who are inclined to pass over dark-coated cats and dogs. Along with Nemesh appear other dogs who came with their owners for auditions that were published on the SPCA internet site and Facebook page.

On Tu B’Av (August 11) we will hold a festive adoption day and we invite the public to come to the SPCA facility at 159 Herzl Street in Tel Aviv to choose a new four-legged friend, who will become an inseparable part of the family.

Happy Tu B’Av to all, people and animals alike.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed their skills and talents to produce this clip, as well as all those who took an active part in this important campaign.

Words, music and vocals: Tomer Hershkowitz| Director: Gili Frickman| Photography: Sasha (Alexander) Gavrikov|Lighting: Daniel Bar| Professional consultant: Dr. Michal Kirshner – Dog trainer| Assistant Director: Keren Paldi| Offline Editor: Tal Ovad| Online Editor: Uri Alon|Producer: Yaniv Ovadia| Assistant Producers: Leora Hai, Ilya Weiner, Idan Portal| With: Tomer Hershkowitz, Noya Spivak, Lital Yochai, Assaf Gerti

Baby Zoom

They are sweet, heartwarming, and are looking forward to taking their first steps in a warm home. Come to adopt them!

Every spring brings a proliferation of newborn kittens. Most of them are born on the streets, the offspring of homeless cats, into a cruel reality that is difficult to survive, and some are born to domesticated cats whose owners did not get them spayed.

The SPCA, whose doors are open to all animals in distress, has taken in tens of kittens over the past few months. For many weeks the SPCA team has taken care of these adorable kittens and now they are three months old and ready to be adopted. According to SPCA policy, all dogs and cats are spayed or neutered before being given for adoption, with the express purpose of preventing uncontrolled population increase leading to unwanted kittens and puppies that cannot find homes.

To encourage adoption of these cute kittens, the SPCA team has produced a series of photos with colorful accessories from the world of babies. The kittens in the photos, along with many other cats and dogs, pedigree and mongrel, are waiting impatiently in the SPCA shelter for warm and loving homes.

Come to adopt a pet and gain a loving friend who will bring light and joy to your life.

Photography: Haim Shwarzenberg

Their Tu B’Av

Including them in this Festival of Love: A unique campaign run by the SPCA

As the Hebrew Festival of Love, which falls on August 11, approaches, the SPCA Department of Humanistic Education is initiating a unique campaign titled “Their Tu B’Av”. The aim of the campaign is to remind all, children and adults alike, that animals have feelings and therefore they also need warmth, love and care. For this reason, while celebrating Tu B’Av, a day which, according to Jewish tradition, marks love and reconciliation, we should also remember and not ignore them.

The Campaign is led by the song “Everyone is Unique”, words and melody by Tomer Hershkowitz. In an introductory clip, appearing on this page, are pictures of cats and dogs waiting for adoptive homes in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel.

The official Campaign clip, in which dogs that are chosen in special auditions will star, will be directed by the well-known director BennyTorati (“The Plaza of Dreams”, “Ballad of the Weeping Spring”), the central theme of which is those fortunate dogs who have found homes compared to those unfortunate ones who are still crying out for someone to come and love them and provide a warm home for life. On this Festival of Love the campaign will culminate with a festive day of adoption that will take place in the SPCA facility.

Would you like your dog to appear in the clip? Only dogs who are trained and have a microchip will take part in the filming. If you think that your dog is suitable, please send photos (up to three photos for each dog) and your contact details to israelspca@gmail.com by 21.6.2014. The suitable dogs will be invited to come with their owners to auditions for the clip which will be broadcast on the Festival of Love on Channel 24 and other channels.

According to Yaniv Ovadia, director of the Department of Humanistic Education and promoter of the Campaign: “The emphasis of the Campaign is domesticated animals; dogs and cats. Since we domesticated them, thus making them dependent upon us, it is our duty to take care of them and to love them. Their place is in our homes, as part of the family, and not on the streets. In addition, as part of the SPCA’s efforts to encourage adoption of dark-haired animals, the star of the clip and the Campaign is an adorable black dog called Nemesh”.

A Fun Day for All

You are invited to a specially festive party that will take place in the SPCA facility on Shushan Purim, March 17

Purim is a great festival for children and for all the family. For animal lovers, for parents looking for an activity with added value for their children and for all those who want to make merry, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel is holding an especially festive Purim party.

The event will take place in the SPCA facility at 159, Herzl Street, Tel Aviv on Monday, March 17th from 10:00-13:00.

Professional makeup artists from the Yarin Shahaf Professional Make-Up College will greet the guests and make up their faces for no charge. There will be creativity corners with activities relating to the animal world, a fancy dress competition with prizes (courtesy of the Dani Books Publishing House), light refreshments, music and lots of dogs waiting to be taken for fun walks in the Society’s yard by the participants.

In honor of the festival, the guests are invited to cheer up the dogs and cats who are waiting for adoption, by bringing them treats – dry or wet food, toys or games. Another option is to bring bottles and cans for recycling, the money from which will be used by the SPCA to buy animal food.

In addition, the SPCA staff will be on hand to assist anyone interested in adopting a new friend for their family and will help them choose from amongst the tens of abandoned dogs and cats waiting for warm homes.

The public is invited to come in fancy dress and festive mood to enjoy all the complimentary activities.

Happy Purim!


International Animal Day 2013

Adopt a pet on International Animal Day

On Friday, October 4, International Animal Day will be celebrated all over the world. As always, The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel invites the public to adopt a dog or a cat.

The goal of World Animal Day is recognition of the importance and beauty of the animal world, to show appreciation for the ways that animals enrich our lives and for the many roles that they fill in their unique way. This tradition started in Florence, Italy in 1931, when ecologists held a special conference warning of the encroaching danger of extinction for various species in the animal world at that time. Since then, this day has become a day for all animals and the people who love and respect them, and is celebrated in various ways throughout the world with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology.

We hope that the time will come when we won’t need special days as reminders of the importance of animals and of how we benefit from them.