Everyone is Special

A new clip for the unique SPCA campaign for the Festival of Love – Tu B'Av

In the framework of the unique SPCA campaign for the Hebrew Festival of Love, “Their Tu B’Av”, the Department for Humanistic Education produced a clip to the song “Everyone is Special”, that was written for this occasion and sung by Tomer Hershkowitz. The campaign wishes to emphasize that while we are celebrating Tu B’Av, a day which, according to Jewish tradition, marks love and reconciliation, we should also remember our animals, who also need our love, warmth and attention.

The clip describes the daily life of a black, adult street dog, trying to survive in a cold and heartless world. While she is longing for a little sympathy, people pass her by and ignore her. In her loneliness, her heart contracts each time she sees other dogs showered with love by their owners. While she is searching through the garbage for food, she imagines herself enjoying a nice juicy bone. In her imagination she sees a warm and loving home, when in reality she has to cope with her destiny that showers blows upon her mercilessly.

In the clip, Nemesh, a nine-year-old black Labrador plays the leading role. She was chosen because of the painful fact with which the SPCA adoption counselors have to deal on a daily basis – potential adopters who are inclined to pass over dark-coated cats and dogs. Along with Nemesh appear other dogs who came with their owners for auditions that were published on the SPCA internet site and Facebook page.

On Tu B’Av (August 11) we will hold a festive adoption day and we invite the public to come to the SPCA facility at 159 Herzl Street in Tel Aviv to choose a new four-legged friend, who will become an inseparable part of the family.

Happy Tu B’Av to all, people and animals alike.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed their skills and talents to produce this clip, as well as all those who took an active part in this important campaign.

Words, music and vocals: Tomer Hershkowitz| Director: Gili Frickman| Photography: Sasha (Alexander) Gavrikov|Lighting: Daniel Bar| Professional consultant: Dr. Michal Kirshner – Dog trainer| Assistant Director: Keren Paldi| Offline Editor: Tal Ovad| Online Editor: Uri Alon|Producer: Yaniv Ovadia| Assistant Producers: Leora Hai, Ilya Weiner, Idan Portal| With: Tomer Hershkowitz, Noya Spivak, Lital Yochai, Assaf Gerti