Hoping for Better Days to Come

Open letter from the SPCA Chairperson, Volunteer, Mrs. Hilma Shmoshkovitz

To all SPCA members and friends,

During these crazy days in our area, we are all glued to the news headlines and hoping for quieter days ahead. Naturally, we are all worried about those close to us, those who are in the home front that is under attack and those who are fighting at the front, and we all mourn the fallen.

Let me take a moment of your time to mourn a dog from the IDF Oketz Unit, killed during the foiling of a terrorist attack last Thursday. The dog was killed by a blast in one of the shafts when it was lowered into the tunnel to carry out a search, and it is very possible that many owe their lives to him. It is important at this juncture to remember that this dog is, as are many other dogs serving in the IDF, fighting for us.

This unusual situation obviously also affects our Society. Animals, that are not used to the sound of sirens, understand instinctively that something is going on, and those most affected in our shelter are the dogs. In our present reality, the extent of volunteers and those coming to adopt pets is markedly diminished. The SPCA staff does all it can to give attention to each animal and to calm the more sensitive amongst them.

From the beginning of this tense situation, the SPCA mobilized to help residents of the Southby opening its doors to all their animals, providing shelter here for no charge.

Today we are offering our boarding services to the reserve forces that were called up for this operation. In addition we are publishing advice and tips regarding care of pets during alarms on our internet site, on Facebook and various other channels of communication.

During these difficult days, we would appreciate if you would give some thought to the animals in the SPCA. Our activities are made possible solely by contributions. Feeding the cats and dogs, caring for them, running the veterinary clinic, operating the horse and donkey home for those poor animals who underwent abuse and neglect – all have financial implications and every donation, large or small, will help us in the present situation. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you.

Hoping for safe and quiet days ahead,
Hilma Shmoshkowitz
Chairperson (Volunteer)
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel