The SPCA Supports Residents of the South

The SPCA is offering free kennel services for animals belonging to residents of the South

In light of the escalation in the South of the country, in order to prevent the animals’ pain and suffering and to help the residents of the South to contend with the difficult situation, the SPCA has opened its doors and invited all residents of the South who have difficulty looking after their pets, to house them without charge in the SPCA kennels and cat shelter till the danger is past. Despite the difficulties, the SPCA calls upon residents of the South not to abandon their pets to the streets and promises to give all the animals who reach its facilities the best possible care.

Residents of the South are welcome to come with their pets to the SPCA dog and cat shelter at 159 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv, to bring along their own ID cards and their pets’ valid vaccination certificates. For further details, please call us at: *4553.

The sirens and explosions can scare animals and cause them to run away from home. In order to protect your pets, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations:
1. Close the windows and doors so that the animals cannot run away in times of stress.
2. During these difficult times, avoid going out with your pets for long walks far from home.
3. Don’t take your dog out for walks without a leash.
4. Prepare a soft and cozy corner where your pet can hide in the secure area of your home.
5. If your dog runs away or expresses anxiety during alarms, try to avoid positive reinforcement of this behavior through excess expressions of affection and petting that the dog will then associate with anxiety behavior.
6. Ensure that the dog has its microchip as required by Law, to facilitate finding it should it run away.

Together we are hoping for quiet days ahead.