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Tens of abandoned kittens, who were born last spring, are crying out for gentle hands to stroke them and warm homes to live in

Diesel was rescued from the engine of a parked car; Pele was almost run over on a busy road and was saved through the kindness of two tourists; Ronnie and Yoni were abandoned in a cardboard box along with their mother; and Gali, Mali and Toby only just survived without their mother until they were picked up by alert neighbors. All these cute kittens, along with many others, reached the SPCA following the whelping season last spring, and now they are crying out for warm homes and responsible owners who will take care of them lovingly for the rest of their lives. In order to encourage adoption of kittens, the SPCA prepared a ‘Kittens Class Photo – Graduates of Spring 2015’.

Kittens Class Photo - Graduates of Spring 2015
Kittens Class Photo – Graduates of Spring 2015

The kitten whelping season brings with it huge numbers of kittens every year. Most of them are born on the streets to homeless cats and must deal with the cruel realities of life and difficult conditions of survival, while others are born to house-cats whose owners didn’t take care to have them spayed. The SPCA, whose gates are always open to all animals in distress, took in tens of kittens in the past few months. The staff of the SPCA looked after these adorable kittens for many long weeks with care and affection and now, at the age of three months, they are candidates for adoption. It is vital to point out that, in order to prevent uncontrolled proliferation of kittens and pups, who have great difficulty in finding adoptive homes, all the dogs and cats given out for adoption from the SPCA are spayed or neutered.