Starting Over

After being rehabilitated in the SPCA, following a period of severe abuse, Cora has found a warm home

In her short life, Cora has already suffered severe abuse, had two operations and recovered from illness. Today, at the age of four months, having been rehabilitated in the SPCA, she has been embraced by a loving family that has adopted her and her new life is just beginning!

A couple of months ago, an adorable eight-week old puppy reached the SPCA after being found by children in a cardboard box in the park where she had been abandoned. Even at first glance it was apparent that she was suffering a serious wound in her right eye, and a veterinary examination confirmed fears that the wound was deliberately inflicted by a direct hit or kick to her eye.

The SPCA adoption counselor, Gal Baba, decided to take the mixed-breed puppy under her care and gave her the name Cora (after the word for black in Japanese).

Cora on the day of her arrival at the SPCA
Cora on the day of her arrival at the SPCA

Cora was taken to Dr. Havi Tzarfati, a highly experienced veterinarian in canine eye care, but unfortunately the examination revealed that the eye could not be saved and Cora underwent surgery to remove her eye in the SPCA clinic.

Cora rapidly recovered from surgery and the whole staff in the SPCA took great care of her, giving her a lot of attention and love. She was given the necessary vaccinations, recovered from a virus that had affected her and began to get used to life with one eye.

Cora’s story was posted on the SPCA Facebook page, and our Facebook friends followed the progress of the brave little pup with the mischievous and friendly personality, who enjoys playing with toys and gets along well with other dogs. Upon getting her last vaccination and being spayed, sweet Cora was ready to start a new chapter and to find a loving family to adopt her and give her the good life she deserves.