Their Tu B’Av

Including them in this Festival of Love: A unique campaign run by the SPCA

As the Hebrew Festival of Love, which falls on August 11, approaches, the SPCA Department of Humanistic Education is initiating a unique campaign titled “Their Tu B’Av”. The aim of the campaign is to remind all, children and adults alike, that animals have feelings and therefore they also need warmth, love and care. For this reason, while celebrating Tu B’Av, a day which, according to Jewish tradition, marks love and reconciliation, we should also remember and not ignore them.

The Campaign is led by the song “Everyone is Unique”, words and melody by Tomer Hershkowitz. In an introductory clip, appearing on this page, are pictures of cats and dogs waiting for adoptive homes in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel.

The official Campaign clip, in which dogs that are chosen in special auditions will star, will be directed by the well-known director BennyTorati (“The Plaza of Dreams”, “Ballad of the Weeping Spring”), the central theme of which is those fortunate dogs who have found homes compared to those unfortunate ones who are still crying out for someone to come and love them and provide a warm home for life. On this Festival of Love the campaign will culminate with a festive day of adoption that will take place in the SPCA facility.

Would you like your dog to appear in the clip? Only dogs who are trained and have a microchip will take part in the filming. If you think that your dog is suitable, please send photos (up to three photos for each dog) and your contact details to by 21.6.2014. The suitable dogs will be invited to come with their owners to auditions for the clip which will be broadcast on the Festival of Love on Channel 24 and other channels.

According to Yaniv Ovadia, director of the Department of Humanistic Education and promoter of the Campaign: “The emphasis of the Campaign is domesticated animals; dogs and cats. Since we domesticated them, thus making them dependent upon us, it is our duty to take care of them and to love them. Their place is in our homes, as part of the family, and not on the streets. In addition, as part of the SPCA’s efforts to encourage adoption of dark-haired animals, the star of the clip and the Campaign is an adorable black dog called Nemesh”.