Baby Zoom

They are sweet, heartwarming, and are looking forward to taking their first steps in a warm home. Come to adopt them!

Every spring brings a proliferation of newborn kittens. Most of them are born on the streets, the offspring of homeless cats, into a cruel reality that is difficult to survive, and some are born to domesticated cats whose owners did not get them spayed.

The SPCA, whose doors are open to all animals in distress, has taken in tens of kittens over the past few months. For many weeks the SPCA team has taken care of these adorable kittens and now they are three months old and ready to be adopted. According to SPCA policy, all dogs and cats are spayed or neutered before being given for adoption, with the express purpose of preventing uncontrolled population increase leading to unwanted kittens and puppies that cannot find homes.

To encourage adoption of these cute kittens, the SPCA team has produced a series of photos with colorful accessories from the world of babies. The kittens in the photos, along with many other cats and dogs, pedigree and mongrel, are waiting impatiently in the SPCA shelter for warm and loving homes.

Come to adopt a pet and gain a loving friend who will bring light and joy to your life.

Photography: Haim Shwarzenberg