The Business Sector encourages Animal Adoptions

Groundbreaking Project: The high tech firm, Eternity, will bear the costs of animal adoption for its staff and business partners

A first-of-its-kind cooperation between the business sector and the voluntary sector is setting out. The Israeli high-tech company, Eternity, specializing in development of smart business solutions (BI), is encouraging its workers, partners and other contacts to adopt abandoned dogs and cats in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, and is underwriting the adoption costs from the company’s budget.

In accordance with the responsible adoption policy practice in the SPCA, an adoption counseling team will support potential adopters, helping them to choose their most suitable pet, with emphasis on the responsibility and commitment involved when welcoming a new four-legged friend into the family. All adopted animals leaving the SPCA do so after being inoculated, spayed or sterilized, and with all dogs being fitted with a microchip.

According to Assaf Bar, CEO of Eternity: “Contributing to the community has always been a central part of the core activity of the Company, since its establishment eight years ago. Especially during these difficult and cold days, when everyone is trying to find shelter from the cold beside their heating systems at home, we often forget that there are tens of thousands of abandoned animals on the streets or in the various organizations, all looking for warm homes. I call upon all 160 members of the Company’s staff, our partners and my own acquaintances, as well as others, to open their hearts and adopt a pet.”

We in the SPCA thank Eternity for its most welcome initiative and call upon other companies to join this unique project in order to raise awareness of abandoned animals and to help them find warm and loving homes.

To view the dogs and cats waiting for adoption, Click here.

Main photo: Dr. Yelena Algrabli, the SPCA veterinarian, and Asaf Bar, CEO Eternity

The cat, Simona, was adopted by Rotem Ashkenazi of Eternity, and left for her new home after being spayed.
The cat, Simona, was adopted by Rotem Ashkenazi of Eternity, and left for her new home after being spayed.