The Hedgehog Season

SPCA has taken in hedgehogs in distress and provided them with veterinary care and rehabilitation

During the past few week, we have received several weak or ailing hedgehogs that were brought in to us by passers-by.  Our veterinary staff cared for the hedgehogs and returned them to their natural habitat or transferred them to the veterinary hospital for wild animals at the Safari zoo, where they received additional care.

One of the hedgehogs that was brought to us was weak and suffering from severe dehydration.  As can be seen in the picture, it drank continuously when we offered it water, and later it was also fed. Another young hedgehog that we named Shmulik was brought to us after being run over and nearly killed by a car. He too received care at the Society’s veterinary primary clinic and was then transferred to the Safari for further treatment.

Note: Hedgehogs are wild animals that are protected by law, and must not be raised at home.  If you encounter a hedgehog in distress, notify the Society or contact a veterinarian for assistance.