Sia Dolorosa

A dog,cruelly tied to a pole in the sea, almost drowned. She was saved by a passer-by, received dedicated treatment at the SPCA and has found a warm home

Yet again we see that there is no end to ignorance and cruelty. Fortunately, this time a life was saved.

While jogging on the beach in Jisr al-Zarqa [an Arab coastal town], AssafZargarian noticed something suspicious in the water. When he approached the scene, he was shocked to find a helpless dog tied to a pole in the sea, the high waves threatening to drown her. Assaf rushed to untie the knot and free the dog, after which he phoned the SPCA Israel call center.

A passing teenager explained that he had seen a young boy tie the dog to the pole,probably thinking this was the way to rid her of the ticks on her body. Since the young boy had vanished, a complaint could not be brought against the offender.

The SPCA rescuers took the dog to the veterinary clinic, where she was treated and given the name Sia. The SPCA team and volunteers showered Sia with love for weeks and helped her forget the trauma she’d been through. She received the necessary vaccinations and an electronic chip, was spayed and began waiting patiently for the right family to adopt her.

Sia, a two-year-old mixed breed, is a gentle, devoted and quiet dog that craves affection. While on a walk in the SPCA yard with one of our volunteers she was noticed by the Goldstein family who had come to adopt a dog. They fell in love with Sia at first sight and after hearing her story they promised to give her a warm home and treat her with love.

We are grateful to Assaf, whose quick actions rescued Sia and gave her a chance at a better life.

To raise awareness and prevent cases of cruelty to animals, the SPCA’s Humane Education Department regularly holds special educational activities in the Arab sector.

If you have encountered an animal in distress, please do not ignore it. Call us at *4553 or report to the appropriate authorities.