Bethlechem – Tel Aviv

Helping out dogs – evetwhere: SPCA Israel rescued 15 dogs from Bethlechem, rehabilitated them and helped them find devoted owners and loving homes as they deserve

On April, during the first lockdown in Israel due to Covid-19 pandemic, six of our Association’s team went to Bethlehem’s checkpoint to meet Diana Georgy Babis, the manager of “Animal and Environment Association”. Diana takes care of 60 dogs in the association’s shelter in Bethlehem, while people hardly adopt them.

Our team met her and 15 dogs at the checkpoint, and they were transferred to the SPCA Israel’s shelter in Tel Aviv so we could take care of them and find them loving homes. The dogs received medical check and care, and after a long way, each one of the dogs received their own cell with food, water and bed.

After 90 days in quarantine, as regulations demand, the dogs became candidates for adoption, after chipping, vaccination and neutering. They didn’t have to wait too long until they found the right owners who give them warm and loving homes, as they deserve, forever.

Hilma Shmoshkovits, SPCA Israel’s Chairperson said: “This is a positive point, humane, a good will gesture between activists for animals. A devotion to help the helpless, deserted dogs, our best friends. Moreover, we hope that the outcome will be better companionship and solidarity”. Gadi Vitner, SPCA Israel’s spokesman said: “We are proud of taking in the abandoned dogs that need shelter and protection. This is exactly what we’re here for”.

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Blacky’s Rehabilitation

A happy ending: After being hit by a car and found injured alongside Highway 6, Blacky went through a long rehabilitation at the Society and ultimately found a warm and loving home

Blacky, a 7-month old mixed-breed female, arrived at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel six months ago, after she was hit by a car and found injured alongside Highway 6. During an examination carried out at the Society’s clinic she was diagnosed with two fractures in her right foreleg.

The Society staff took Blacky to Dr. Hudik, a veterinarian with expertise in orthopedic surgery. Blacky underwent surgery, during which a pin was inserted into her leg and the leg was bandaged and put in a splint. For many weeks Blacky had to stay in a sterile room and avoid any activity, while our devoted staff took care of her, helping her eat and relieve herself.

Blacky turned out to be a friendly and loving dog, and her physical condition did not affect her joie de vivre. Throughout her recovery process, Blacky showed her gratitude by kissing and licking all of her caregivers, and her condition improved daily.

At the end of the six-month rehabilitation period, Blacky recovered completely, and the Society staff began looking for a warm and loving home for her. The lucky person to take her home was Yuval Baruch, and Blacky embarked on a new life, spayed, vaccinated and playful.

Sia Dolorosa

A dog,cruelly tied to a pole in the sea, almost drowned. She was saved by a passer-by, received dedicated treatment at the SPCA and has found a warm home

Yet again we see that there is no end to ignorance and cruelty. Fortunately, this time a life was saved.

While jogging on the beach in Jisr al-Zarqa [an Arab coastal town], AssafZargarian noticed something suspicious in the water. When he approached the scene, he was shocked to find a helpless dog tied to a pole in the sea, the high waves threatening to drown her. Assaf rushed to untie the knot and free the dog, after which he phoned the SPCA Israel call center.

A passing teenager explained that he had seen a young boy tie the dog to the pole,probably thinking this was the way to rid her of the ticks on her body. Since the young boy had vanished, a complaint could not be brought against the offender.

The SPCA rescuers took the dog to the veterinary clinic, where she was treated and given the name Sia. The SPCA team and volunteers showered Sia with love for weeks and helped her forget the trauma she’d been through. She received the necessary vaccinations and an electronic chip, was spayed and began waiting patiently for the right family to adopt her.

Sia, a two-year-old mixed breed, is a gentle, devoted and quiet dog that craves affection. While on a walk in the SPCA yard with one of our volunteers she was noticed by the Goldstein family who had come to adopt a dog. They fell in love with Sia at first sight and after hearing her story they promised to give her a warm home and treat her with love.

We are grateful to Assaf, whose quick actions rescued Sia and gave her a chance at a better life.

To raise awareness and prevent cases of cruelty to animals, the SPCA’s Humane Education Department regularly holds special educational activities in the Arab sector.

If you have encountered an animal in distress, please do not ignore it. Call us at *4553 or report to the appropriate authorities.

Cruel abandonment

A bitch and her four puppies were left out in the open and abandoned before being rescued by the SPCA

This week we got an additional reminder of the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs, when the phenomenon of abandonment of young puppies and their mother once again raised its ugly head. In response to a call received at the SPCA call center regarding a bitch and her four puppies that were found in an open area near Tel Mond, a rescue team set out for the site. Within a short time they managed to catch the frightened bitch with her four puppies and bring them to the SPCA, where they underwent veterinary examination and, fortunately, were found to be in good health.

Though the bitch does not have a microchip, as she should by Law, it is apparent from her condition that she was raised in a home and even gave birth to her puppies there. The good physical condition of the puppies reinforces this assumption, and it seems that the owners waited for the puppies to grow and, perhaps, kept one or two of the puppies for themselves, before cruelly abandoning the bitch with her other pups in an open and unfamiliar place, where she had difficulty finding shelter, water and food.

The mother and her four cute three-month-old puppies
The mother and her four cute three-month-old puppies

The mongrel bitch of about three years of age was lovingly welcomed by the SPCA staff. She shows her gratitude with lots of licking and is very friendly and good-natured. The mother and her four cute three-month-old puppies – Rali, Hani, Ludi and Noya – were vaccinated and will be kept under observation for a month before being put up for adoption.

Devoted mother
Devoted mother

In order to prevent similar cases, we wish to point out that rabies vaccinations and microchips are required by Law. In order to prevent uncontrolled proliferation of cats and dogs, please spay and neuter your pets. If you come across any animal in distress, don’t ignore it, report it to the SPCA Call Center at 03-5136500 or *4553.

A Dog and her Six Puppies were Safely Rescued

A rescue mission of SPCA Israel came to a successful end

Every year SPCA Israel saves many tens of animals of all sorts who are in distress. Yesterday another rescue operation was crowned with success, having started off following a report to the SPCA call center regarding an abandoned and terrified dog in Moshav Tifrach in the Negev. The caller said that the dog appeared to have just given birth to her litter and could be seen going in and out of a hole under a storeroom in the Moshav. When there was no response from the relevant veterinary departments, the SPCA rescue team headed out to the site.

In the evening, when the desert temperatures drop rapidly, the rescue team arrived at the Moshav and found the thin dog guarding the entrance to a pit, typical behavior in cases of stress and distress. At first, the rescue team put food in a large trap and waited some distance away. Once the hungry dog went into the trap, a rescuer crawled into the pit and carefully extracted the six puppies, aged only a few days and with their eyes still closed.

The dog and her six puppies were brought to the SPCA where they are presently under observation in a comfortable enclosure with a blanket, warming lamp and nourishing food. The dog, that has no microchip, is still under stress and we hope that the protected environment along with the dedicated care she is being given by the SPCA staff will give her confidence to nurse her puppies and look after them at ease.

We wish to express our gratitude to the alert passers-by who reported the abandoned dog to us, thus enabling us to help prevent ongoing suffering. If you come across an animal in distress, please don’t ignore it and call us at:*4553.

The Samoyed is Safe and Sound

A young dog that fell into a deep drainage pit was saved in a complex rescue operation

By the close of a complex rescue operation, that took several hours, and involved various people, the young Samoyed dog, that had fallen into a deep drainage pit in Bat Shlomo and was trapped there for more than one day on one of the coldest days of the year, was saved.

At around noon today, the SPCA call center was contacted by a Bat Shlomo resident who reported hearing yelps of a dog who had fallen into a drainage pit near her house. According to the caller, she had first called the Local Authority veterinarian and the fire brigade, who came to the site of the accident but left, claiming that nothing could be done.

Two rescuers from the SPCA set out immediately for Bat Shlomo and asked the Local Authority veterinarian to join them at the site. When they arrived, the rescuers found a drainage pit of about five meters deep, at the bottom of which was a huge space filled with deep water. At their insistence, a senior fire officer also came to the site and by means of a camera and flashlight attached to a rope, they managed to locate the frightened dog who was standing in a dry corner of the pit.

Camera and flashlight are lowered into the pit by a rope
Camera and flashlight are lowered into the pit by a rope

As well as the emergency measures carried out by the SPCA rescue team, the local residents also called the rescuer, Avi Kuzi, who arrived with appropriate specialized equipment. With the help of those present, Kuzi crawled into the pit and the Samoyed was extricated. The one and a half year old dog’s life was saved, though he was wet to his bones, despite the extreme cold, due partly to his thick coat and partly thanks to the fact that there was a small dry spot where he could stand in the pit.

The dog is safely rescued from the pit
The dog is safely rescued from the pit

The initial examination showed that, fortunately, the dog was not harmed and his hunger was staved off by the food that the SPCA rescue team brought along for him.

The lost dog had no electronic chip, but neighbors did recognize him and gave the owner’s details to the team. The Regional Authority veterinarian gave the dog back to its owner who claimed that the dog had gone missing two days earlier, and who promised to take care of the dog’s rabies vaccination and electronic chip, as required by Law, the following day.

During the rescue attempts a letter was sent by the SPCA to Dr, Nadav Galon, Director of Veterinary Services, and Dr. Deganit Ben Dov, Supervisor by the Law for the Protection of Animals, at the Ministry of Agriculture, the main subject of which was the neglect and outrageous disregard regularly exhibited by the Regional Authority’s official veterinarians. The letter raised the subject of the present case, where the Authority’s veterinarian, Dr. Shregenheim, came to the site of the accident, concluded that there was nothing that he could do to extract the dog from the pit, and went on his way. The letter also expressed astonishment regarding the inappropriate manner of dealing with these cases and the lack of responsibility undertaken by the doctors who, in their official and professional positions, are supposed to care for animals in distress.

We wish to thank all those who helped save the dog and hope that in the future the doctors from the Veterinary Services and members of the Ministry of Agriculture, who are responsible according to the Law for the Protection of Animals, will act in real time to prevent the suffering of animals in distress. This is their duty.

My Little Zippo

A moving letter from one of the staff members of the SPCA, telling the story of a bitch who was rescued from the flames and who found a new home

About three months ago a small, one-month-old puppy was brought to the Society by the Israeli Police who had rescued her from a burning building in Tel Aviv. Our adoption counselor, Reut Stoller, fell in love with her at first sight and decided to take responsibility for her until she gained strength and was ready for adoption. In a moving letter, Reut tells the story of Zippo, who was reaching the end of the first chapter in her life and starting a new chapter in a warm and loving home.

My little one,

Three months ago I received a message from the SPCA offices with the headline “Bitch rescued from the Blaze”, to which was attached a photo of a tiny, speckled puppy with wrinkles allover her body. When I got to work, I received more details: You had been brought to the Society by the Police who reported that you were rescued from a burning house. You were so small, less than one month old, and needed round-the-clock care because you couldn’t eat by yourself.

When I came closer to see you, I found a small, pathetic creature and I fell in love at first sight. I, along with my partner, decided to take you home and care for you until you gained strength and would be ready for adoption. We searched for a name that would symbolize what you had been through and we chose the name Zippo. In my home you met the whole gang made up of dogs, cats, my partner and me. We all welcomed you with love and licks and were sensitive to the confusion and sadness that were a part of you.

An inquisitive dog who wanted to learn and discover everything
An inquisitive dog who wanted to learn and discover everything

Your first few days weren’t easy; we gave you your own place and tasty food, but you found it difficult to eat and we had to feed from the palms of our hands. By means of much licking, you finally did manage to get some nourishment and gain strength and slowly you learnt how to eat until you could manage on your own. With the help of many hours of sleep, nourishing food, games, licking and lots of love, you gained strength and we were happy to discover an inquisitive dog who wanted to learn and discover everything.

As a dog trainer and animal assisted therapist, I began to work together with you on discipline and basic education from an early age. We played many games, I exposed you to various stimuli such as noise, dogs, cats, people and especially, children, and for the months that you lived with us, we shared many happy experiences, much jumping and a little destruction, while you grew into a beautiful and energetic dog right before our eyes.

Everyone in the house fell in love with you and we got used to having you around, but then came the time when we had to part from you and find you an adoptive home. When you reached the age of three months, we began to advertise your photo and your story and we waited for the response. Afterwards we gave you to the SPCA so that visitors to the Society could see you and, in the long run, adopt you.

From right: Zippo aged one month, one and a half months and two months
From right: Zippo aged one month, one and a half months and two months

The moment you were put in the shelter, my heart broke a little. As one who is in the Society on a daily basis I see the numerous animals being handed in. Watching a dog or cat put into its enclosure is never a simple matter, and putting you in was even more difficult. I comforted myself by the fact that you immediately integrated with your new friends through your positive energies, I sat with you in the enclosure until you got to know your fellow inmate, and every day I took you out to the garden and for practice exercises so that you wouldn’t forget all the things that I had taught you.

Since you got to your enclosure, two of your fellow inmates have left and gone for adoption and you were still there because I wanted to find you the perfect home.

A week ago a charming couple came to the Society and showed interest in you. They looked at you through the bars and you, as is your way, jumped with joy. They asked to take you out for a walk, heard your story, fell in love with you and applied to adopt you. We ascertained that they have the means to meet your needs and were glad to hear that they have another dog who would be a good companion for you. Since you had already been spayed and vaccinated, you could go out into the real world that very day, to your new home. I saw you leaving the Society with your head held high and your tail wagging and I knew that you would be in a safe and pleasant place.

Zippo, smiling and happy with her new owners – Shirley and Oren from Herzliah
Zippo, smiling and happy with her new owners – Shirley and Oren from Herzliah

My dear Zippo, on one hand it is hard to part from you and to know that that the start of my day won’t be shared with you, but on the other hand I am happy knowing that you are starting a new and better life. I wish you and your new family the best of luck and much joy. You will always be in my heart.

With love,

A Dog’s Life

Dog rescued after having fallen into a polluted reservoir

Many dogs love to splash around in water and there is no question that these hot days invite a cool, refreshing dunk but for an eight-year-old abandoned Labrador that was apparently suffering from heavy thirst and longing to drink, jumped in over her head into a trap with no way out. Fortunately, her life was saved thanks to another successful rescue by SPCA Israel.

This week, the SPCA Israel Hotline received a call from Avshalom Cohen from Kibbutz Yavne about a dog that was trapped in the sewage reservoir located in the agricultural lands and used to treat polluted water for agricultural purposes. As in many other cases, the local authority was supposed to help the dog but the Ashdod Municipal Association informed Cohen that they cannot help and referred him to the SPCA Israel.

Eyal Gatenyu, an animal rescuer with SPCA Israel, immediately traveled to the site, where he discovered that the walls of the reservoir were covered with slippery nylon. The dog was swimming in the pool, holding her head above water with her last remaining strength and was unable to extract herself.

With a rope that he brought with him, Gatenyu tied one end to his body. After one hour of efforts, Gatenyu finally managed to tie the other end of the rope onto the dog’s body and drag the dog out of the polluted and dangerous water. Based on the level of the dog’s exhaustion, it appears that the dog had been trapped in the reservoir since the early morning hours at minimum and possibly since the day before. According to Gatenyu, if they hadn’t arrived within a reasonable amount of time, the dog probably would have died a horrible death.

The dog was immediately transferred to the SPCA Israel’s veterinary clinic, where he underwent a medical bath that includes treatment in water with material that calms the skin and anti-flea and tic treatment. SPCA Israel veterinarian Dr. Aya Perry reported that the dog was placed under medical supervision and that an examination of the dog revealed an enlarged lymph node, possibly indicating erlichiosis and other tumors but only laboratory tests can determine whether these growths are cancerous. The dog also suffers from a skin disease called Demodex.
The miserable dog did not have a chip and was apparently abandoned by its owner. We hope to find a suitable, responsible family to raise her once she recovers.

We wish to express our gratitude to Avshalom Cohen for his alertness and insistence on helping to rescue the dog. The SPCA Israel encourages the Israeli public to be aware of the suffering of animals and to ensure that no animals are abandoned and left to their fate. It is important to realize that animals need us and we cannot get along without them. We must therefore be responsible for their safety. If you encounter an animal in distress, please do not ignore and contact the SPCA Israel at *4553.

The Secret Lair

The rescue mission of puppies that had been abandoned in the wild in the Sharon area was a great success

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel can pride itself on another successful mission in a complicated and long rescue operation of puppies who were abandoned in the open fields in the Sharon area.

A few days ago, a resident of the area came to the Society with five puppies aged approximately two months. He told the staff at the Society that he had found them abandoned in a cave near the Sharon Prison. They were in mortal danger and in addition, he said that there were more puppies which he couldn’t catch because they were hiding in other animals’ dens.

The Society’s rescuer went out to the area where he was confronted with the puppies’ mother who was terrified and wouldn’t let him approach her. He even found the corpse of another puppy nearby. The lair was very narrow and, when more time-consuming efforts to reach the puppies failed, he decided to leave them food and water and to return the next day for another try.

The next day a team from the Society went back and started the rescue operation. This was very hard and complicated, in an untamed area surrounded by snakes and foxes with narrow burrows between the bushes. One of the Society’s representatives managed to crawl into the narrow, dark lair, and a short time later the puppies were extricated from the cave and brought to the Society. The puppies were taken care of by the veterinarians, were given their first vaccinations and treated against parasites. In another few weeks they will be ready for adoption along with their five brothers.

If you come across any abandoned animals, please don’t ignore them. Notify us at the Society at the following number: *4553.

Dogs in Darkness

After the intervention of the Society, dogs were rescued that had been kept in a small storeroom at Kvutzat Kinneret and had suffered neglect and abuse

At the end of last week a complaint was received at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, about serious abuse and neglect of five dogs, kept in an isolated storeroom in the center of an agricultural area at Kvutzat Kinneret. In the complaint it was stated that the dogs were living in a small locked storeroom in which they also had to relieve themselves, while their physical condition was very low.

The Society was swift in sending representatives to the kibbutz, who met with the complainant . The complainant brought the representatives to the storeroom, which appeared to be a very small structure, covered on all sides by plastic bags and canvas. The howling of the dogs was heard from a distance, and when the representatives approached the storeroom and removed the plastic from the door, a horrifying sight was revealed to their eyes. Within an area of about 7 meters squared they saw five dogs, with the floor of the storeroom covered by their bodily waste, their food dishes empty and their water dish filled with green slime and a little water. The dogs, kept in the storeroom with no possibility of seeing daylight, were in a state of severe hunger and emaciation and suffered from eye infections, fleas, fur loss and various injuries.

Since the storeroom was locked, the representatives of the Society contacted Dr. Michael Kerner, the official veterinarian of the Emek Hayarden Regional Council, and asked him to arrive at the site and to confiscate the dogs. Dr. Kerner refused the request of the representatives, and after they claimed that he left them no choice but to go through legal channels and the media, the veterinarian arrived on the scene.

According to the complainant, about a year ago she complained to Dr. Kerner about the condition of the dogs and was assured that the topic would be dealt with, but nothing was done about the matter. In addition, the complainant turned to the police and a squad car showed up two days before the visit of the representatives of the Society, but the police officers showed indifference and claimed that since they were not veterinarians they could do nothing. This was in spite of the fact that the law states that even police are authorized to confiscate animals if there is a reasonable basis to suspect torture or abuse. The complainant claims that she turned to many organizations that deal with animal welfare, but they all turned their backs on her, until she turned to the Society, which hastened to arrive at the site and to act to end the suffering of the dogs.

In a conversation that developed between the veterinarian and the complainant, Dr. Kerner claimed that he had been aware of the fact that dogs had been kept in that place already for five years, and in the past it looked better. He also admitted that the dogs were not being held in appropriate conditions, that they are registered with him as having received vaccinations last September, and that he himself saw them two months previously. In answer to the complainant statement that the bones of the dogs were protruding because of emaciation, Dr. Karner responded jokingly “Did you ever see a dog whose bones didn’t protrude?”

After the representatives of the organization pleaded with him that this was a matter of a transgression of the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture, which were issued the previous November, regarding the maintenance of animals, Dr. Kerner wanted to leave the dogs in that state for another two months, during which time the owners would be given an opportunity to improve their manner of maintenance and their health situation. At the same time he was ignoring the economic situation of the dog owner, who arrived on the scene later in the day.

The person who had the five dogs was a 60 year old man who lived about 3 kilometers from the site. According to his statement, he tried to get there once a day in order to feed the dogs, and in addition he also fed dozens of cats who lived near his house. It seemed that his love of animals was great, and he claimed that he even took a loan in order to afford the vaccination for the dogs, since he only earned a small salary and his economic state was not good. According to the head of the local council, the official veterinarian and others who had spoken to him, the impression that they got was that it was a matter of a somewhat eccentric person whose judgment was faulty, who didn’t understand that the dogs were being raised in inappropriate conditions and were suffering from neglect and abuse.

The next day the representatives of the Society returned to the storeroom and met with the dog owner and with a private veterinarian who was known to him. The representatives and the veterinarian explained to the dog owner in length that the dogs were suffering in the present conditions and the veterinarian even gave a specific list of costs of the treatments that they needed to receive. At the end of the campaign of persuasion the dog owner agreed to transfer four of the five dogs to the auspices of the SPCA Israel, and to keep one dog in his possession, while the complainant volunteered to help him care for it.

The representatives of the Society collected the dogs and brought them to the shelter of the Society in Tel Aviv. The veterinarians of the Society’s veterinary clinic hastened to care for the dogs, and we hope that soon they will return to a normal physical state and will be candidates for adoption in warm homes, in which they would be able to receive proper treatment and appropriate living conditions.

At this time the Society is working on the issue of the defective care given by the official veterinarian, through the services of the attorney Moshe Gliko. A protest letter was sent to the administrator of the veterinary services and to the person in charge of carrying out the animal abuse law at the Ministry of Agriculture. That law specifies the sequence of events and raises questions regarding Dr. Kerner’s manner of treating the issue, as well as regarding the policemen who visited the site. At the finish of the letter there is a call to use their full authority and to make it clear to the veterinarians that they must act immediately in any case of abuse that is brought to their attention so that similar cases will not occur.