A Dog and her Six Puppies were Safely Rescued

A rescue mission of SPCA Israel came to a successful end

Every year SPCA Israel saves many tens of animals of all sorts who are in distress. Yesterday another rescue operation was crowned with success, having started off following a report to the SPCA call center regarding an abandoned and terrified dog in Moshav Tifrach in the Negev. The caller said that the dog appeared to have just given birth to her litter and could be seen going in and out of a hole under a storeroom in the Moshav. When there was no response from the relevant veterinary departments, the SPCA rescue team headed out to the site.

In the evening, when the desert temperatures drop rapidly, the rescue team arrived at the Moshav and found the thin dog guarding the entrance to a pit, typical behavior in cases of stress and distress. At first, the rescue team put food in a large trap and waited some distance away. Once the hungry dog went into the trap, a rescuer crawled into the pit and carefully extracted the six puppies, aged only a few days and with their eyes still closed.

The dog and her six puppies were brought to the SPCA where they are presently under observation in a comfortable enclosure with a blanket, warming lamp and nourishing food. The dog, that has no microchip, is still under stress and we hope that the protected environment along with the dedicated care she is being given by the SPCA staff will give her confidence to nurse her puppies and look after them at ease.

We wish to express our gratitude to the alert passers-by who reported the abandoned dog to us, thus enabling us to help prevent ongoing suffering. If you come across an animal in distress, please don’t ignore it and call us at:*4553.