The Secret Lair

The rescue mission of puppies that had been abandoned in the wild in the Sharon area was a great success

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel can pride itself on another successful mission in a complicated and long rescue operation of puppies who were abandoned in the open fields in the Sharon area.

A few days ago, a resident of the area came to the Society with five puppies aged approximately two months. He told the staff at the Society that he had found them abandoned in a cave near the Sharon Prison. They were in mortal danger and in addition, he said that there were more puppies which he couldn’t catch because they were hiding in other animals’ dens.

The Society’s rescuer went out to the area where he was confronted with the puppies’ mother who was terrified and wouldn’t let him approach her. He even found the corpse of another puppy nearby. The lair was very narrow and, when more time-consuming efforts to reach the puppies failed, he decided to leave them food and water and to return the next day for another try.

The next day a team from the Society went back and started the rescue operation. This was very hard and complicated, in an untamed area surrounded by snakes and foxes with narrow burrows between the bushes. One of the Society’s representatives managed to crawl into the narrow, dark lair, and a short time later the puppies were extricated from the cave and brought to the Society. The puppies were taken care of by the veterinarians, were given their first vaccinations and treated against parasites. In another few weeks they will be ready for adoption along with their five brothers.

If you come across any abandoned animals, please don’t ignore them. Notify us at the Society at the following number: *4553.