Blacky’s Rehabilitation

A happy ending: After being hit by a car and found injured alongside Highway 6, Blacky went through a long rehabilitation at the Society and ultimately found a warm and loving home

Blacky, a 7-month old mixed-breed female, arrived at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel six months ago, after she was hit by a car and found injured alongside Highway 6. During an examination carried out at the Society’s clinic she was diagnosed with two fractures in her right foreleg.

The Society staff took Blacky to Dr. Hudik, a veterinarian with expertise in orthopedic surgery. Blacky underwent surgery, during which a pin was inserted into her leg and the leg was bandaged and put in a splint. For many weeks Blacky had to stay in a sterile room and avoid any activity, while our devoted staff took care of her, helping her eat and relieve herself.

Blacky turned out to be a friendly and loving dog, and her physical condition did not affect her joie de vivre. Throughout her recovery process, Blacky showed her gratitude by kissing and licking all of her caregivers, and her condition improved daily.

At the end of the six-month rehabilitation period, Blacky recovered completely, and the Society staff began looking for a warm and loving home for her. The lucky person to take her home was Yuval Baruch, and Blacky embarked on a new life, spayed, vaccinated and playful.