When it comes to Animals, I am Color Blind

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel has initiated a unique campaign entitled "Love Has No Color", whose goal is to encourage adoption of dark-coated animals

Every day the SPCA makes every effort to find homes for as many abandoned animals as possible. One of the unfortunate phenomena that we come across is the difficulty in finding adoptive homes for dark-haired dogs and cats compared with their lighter-hued friends. The hearts of the Society’s adoption counselors, who are only too familiar with this phenomenon, go out to those dark-hued animals that have to spend much more time waiting in enclosures, than others. In this video clip they demonstrate the charm of those animals to potential adopters.

In order to enhance public awareness and to encourage adoption of dark-coated animals, the SPCA has initiated a unique campaign entitled “Love Has No Color” on its Facebook page, with special activities and a competition offering awards for original slogans on the topic. You are invited to join our Facebook page, take part in the competition and help those dark-hued animals to find warm and loving homes.