Starting All Over Again

I tiny kitten who was almost run over was rescued by a group of young girls, and adopted a few days later

At this time of year, between spring and summer, many recently-born kittens beginning to show their independence and find themselves in dangerous situations that wait to ambush them in the outer world.

About ten days ago, a group of kind young girls from Rishon Le Zion found a tiny kitten wandering around on the main road and took her in because they were afraid that she would be run over. The girls, who wanted to ensure the ginger kitten’s safety, went to the SPCA Chairperson, Hilma Shmoshkovitz’s, home and gave her the kitten.

The kitten was brought to the SPCA’s clinic, where she was examined by the veterinarian and received vaccinations, before being transferred to the cats’ home where they tried to find a new home for her.

The kitten’s story was posted on Facebook and all members were asked to suggest a name for her. From all the suggestions that poured in, the name Mango was chosen.

Mango’s good luck continued to accompany her and a few days later she was adopted by Emily, from Tel Aviv.

Emily and Mango
Emily and Mango

We wish to thank the girls from Rishon Le Zion for their alertness and resourcefulness and wish Mango and Emily a happy life together.