Tabitha is looking for a home

A rubber band put around Tabitha's tail led to gangrene. After surgery and full recovery she is waiting impatiently for a family to adopt her

The suffering and pain that was experienced by Tabitha, a mixed breed female dog of ten months, is impossible to describe in words. After emergency surgery and a period of recuperation, the smile returned to her face, and we presently hope to find her a warm home with responsible owners.
About a month ago a supervisor from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the one in charge of the Triangle Area, reported about a dog that was being abused. The report was passed to the official veterinarian of the area, Dr. Abu Raz, who went out to search for the wandering dog. When he found it he saw that on the upper part of its tail a rubber band was tightly wound causing a serious infection. A representative of the Society was sent out immediately to collect the dog from Taibeh and to bring it quickly to the veterinary clinic to receive treatment. The veterinarian of the Society, Dr. Aya Peri, found that the rubber band around the tail caused severe infection that developed into gangrene, and rushed to operate on it.The fact that the band was place close to the base of the tail changed the operation into one that was more complicated and longer, and in the course of it the tail was cut off.

The rubber band around the tail caused severe infection
The rubber band around the tail caused severe infection

During the next month the dog, which was named Tabitha, was under medical supervision and received devoted care by the entire staff of the Society. During this period she was found to be very friendly, and today she is ready to start a new and happier chapter in her life.

If Tabitha’s story has touched your heart strings, and if you are ready to link your fate with hers, you can get more details from the office of the Society.

Unfortunately we do not know who abused Tabitha and abandoned her to suffer terribly, since there was no electronic chip in her body. If you take notice of any animal that suffered abuse or neglect, please don’t hesitate to report this to us. Thus we will be able to prevent unnecessary suffering in animals, to rehabilitate them and to provide them with a better future.