Tsili Superstar

Roni Duani fell in love with Tsili and decided to volunteer to help find her a warm home

Tsili, a mixed breed female puppy three and a half months old, is one of the sweetest dogs at the Society. She came to us a few weeks ago, and since then she has enjoyed the attentions of the staff and volunteers at the site. This week she became a real star under the bright lights in the wake of a meeting with a giant star.

Roni Duani (also known as Roni Superstar), singer and host on the Children’s Channel, could not remain indifferent in the face of Tsili’s charm and decided to volunteer to help find her an adoptive home. The fabulous Tsili devoted herself to the cameras and to all the petting, but did not get a swelled head. She still knows exactly what she wants – a warm and stable home that will give her a new start, with loving owners who will train her during her adolescence and will take care of her for the rest of her life.

Tsili, like many other abandoned dogs and cats, awaits you at the Society. Come to the Society and adopt them!