Happy Birthday to Guy!

Congratulations! The theme of Guy Inbar's eighth birthday was animals and so he celebrated the occasion in the SPCA

Birthdays are one of the most exciting days in a child’s life. Guy Inbar of Tel Aviv chose to celebrate his birthday in a very special way: He invited all his friends to take part in activities on the topic of animals at his birthday party in the SPCA.

The party was run by the Society’s Department of Humanistic Education that planned a rich, exciting program of activities for the guests. Following a reception and light refreshments, the young guests heard a short description of the Society and its activities.

Then they were shown a variety of animals, including snakes, a spider, ferret and scorpion, and the excited children, who were thrilled with the exotic animals, had their photos taken with them as a souvenir. Afterwards, the children were given a guided tour of the various departments, petted the cats in the cats’ home and took the dogs that are waiting for adoption out for walks. The children had a hard time parting from the dogs but once they had said goodbye, the festive event came to an end with birthday cake for all.

It isn't a party without a cake
It isn’t a party without a cake

According to Guy’s mother, Bat Inbar: “It was a particularly pleasurable event. The children enjoyed it immensely and the direct connection that they made with the animals was absolutely amazing. The other parents also expressed their enthusiasm and said that the event was really exceptional. It was such fun that we didn’t feel the time flying by”.

Your kids like animals? Searching for a unique idea for a birthday party? The Society’s Department of Humanistic Education would be delighted to help you plan an exciting event with added value for the kids. For further details, click here, or call us at: *4553.