Hip, Hip Hoorah, It’s My Birthday!

Celebrate an Especially Exciting Birthday - with Added Value - at the SPCA

One of the things that children like best is animals. Much has been studied and written with regard to the special bond that is formed between them and the many advantageous it affords. What could be nicer than combining the child’s most important day of the year, his or her birthday, with lots of friends – including the four-legged ones?

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, situated at 159 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv, has been operating the Department for Humanistic Education for many years. This Department runs educational activities for groups of all ages, from kindergarten to senior citizens. The Department organizes birthday parties for children, combining values and important messages suited to the participants’ ages, along with fun activities relating to animals.

The birthday parties, led by experienced staff members, include tours of the facility along with explanations about the Society’s activities and the shelter itself, original games, a visit to the cats’ home, encounters with the various animals in the petting corner (tortoises, chickens, rabbits, geese, swans, and many others), taking the dogs awaiting adoption, all healthy and vaccinated, out for walks and varied creative activities. Birthday celebrations are organized and coordinated with the parents. The Society puts the kitchen at their disposal for food preparation, allows the facility to be decorated, and guest entertainers to be brought in.

Many animal-loving children, who have chosen to celebrate their birthdays in the Society, send invitations to their friends, asking them to think about their four-legged friends and to also bring them a small gift, such as a toy. The children give the animals their gifts and by doing so, feel that they have done something meaningful and important for the pets.

For further details and coordination of events, please call: *4553.