Education Minister Naftali Bennett visits the Society

SPCA Club celebrates three years: Israel's Education Minister Naftali Bennett arrived at the Society for a visit, received an overview of club activities and joined a training day for the SPCA lead-team from Gedera

Education Minister Naftali Bennett visited the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel to mark three years since the founding of SPCA Club – a unique educational project with 250 members from primary schools, middle schools, high schools and preschools, from the Jewish, Arab, religious and special education sectors, all working in various ways for the benefit of animals.

During his visit, the minister attended a training day for the SPCA lead-team from Darca Begin School in Gedera, who joined SPCA Club as part of the Society’s collaboration with the MOFET Association. The minister heard explanations from Society staff members about the club’s activities and was very impressed by the wonderful achievements of the various lead-team members, who, after training at the Society, go back to their schools and initiate activities for the benefit of animals in distress, and recruit their peers to this noble cause. During the guided tour held for the lead-team, the minister joined them in walking the dogs being sheltered at the Society and chatted with them about the project.

SPCA Club continues to grow and develop, and the number of schools and preschools interested in joining the project is on the rise. According to Yaniv Ovadia from the Society’s Humane Education Department, “The reason for the club’s success, beyond the fact that it is offered to schools at no cost, is that children by nature really love to contribute and lend a hand, especially when it involves something they truly care about, like animals. Furthermore, children love being empowered and given responsibility, and SPCA Club is the right platform for this.”

Schools and preschools interested in joining SPCA Club are welcome to contact the Society’s Humane Education Department at *4553.

A Second Chance at a Good Life

Watch the feature film reviewing the history of the association and its activities on behalf of animals, which was produced by ILTV

The program titled “Cruising Israel”, produced by ILTV, dedicated a special feature to SPCA Israel. The reporter,Natalie Twersky, visited the association, toured the shelter and met the various animals housed there. In the article, she recounts the association’s history and its activities on behalf of animals, and talks to the adoptions advisor and the association’s chairperson.

Children’s Art Calendar

2016-17 Calendar – Children illustrate their love and concern for the welfare of animals

The Department for Humane Education of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel has launched its 2016-17 calendar displaying the drawings of schoolchildren who are members of the SPCA Club. The drawings, inspired by their love and concern for the welfare of animals, were selected from among hundreds of creations submitted by children and youth throughout the country.

Illustration: Sasha Becker, Hamaayan Comprehensive School, Rishon Letzion
Illustration: Sasha Becker, Hamaayan Comprehensive School, Rishon Letzion

Members of SPCA Israel Club attend kindergartens and schools from all sectors – Jewish, Arab, religious, secular and special education – institutions that are interested in imparting to their students values that advocate animal rights. The member schools and kindergartens also help the animals sheltered in our Society, by collecting empty bottles designated for recycling and purchasing pet food with the earned deposit money. These schools select and send pupils to the Society to undergo special training which turns them into the SPCA Israel team in their respective educational institutions. After receiving training, the team members – under the professional guidance of SPCA’s humane education department – serves as our ambassadors in the schools they attend, going from class to class giving lectures and initiating activities that foster empathy and kindness towards animals.

Illustration: Einav Aharoni, Atidim School, Gezer Regional Council
Illustration: Einav Aharoni, Atidim School, Gezer Regional Council

The lovely children’s art calendar will be sent to anyone donating more than 30 NIS, by phone (03-5136500 or *4553), as long as supply lasts.

To see the calendar and the art work of the SPCA Israel leadership team, click here.

We would like to thank Y.H.D. Medioni Co., Ltd., producer, importer and marketer of pet food and equipment, which has generously sponsored the calendar and aided in its printing.

Illustration of main drawing: Inbal Amir, Ramot Yam School, Michmoret.

The Path of Peace

Palestinian and Israeli school girls were hosted by the SPCA at an event held in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace

The SPCA Department of Humanistic Education was delighted, during the first week of Spring, to host a group of Palestinian and Israeli girls who took part in a humanistic educational activity with animals presently sheltered in the SPCA. This unique event, which we named “New Spring – New Hope”, was held in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace, in the presence of the Egyptian Ambassador in Israel as well as diplomats from the US and Switzerland, and was covered by the Israeli and foreign media.

The girls, who came from Jericho and Beit Shemesh, were taken on a tour of the facility, given in Arabic and Hebrew, which focused on values such as aiding the weak, tolerance, giving, and respecting the other. The young visitors had direct contact with the animals being sheltered in the SPCA –abandoned cats, horses undergoing rehabilitation after having suffered abuse and neglect. As the highlight of the tour, the girls took the dogs waiting for adoption for a walk, giving them a lot of attention and love.

According to Yaniv Ovadia, Director of the Department of Humanistic Education: “Palestinian and Israeli children working together for the benefit of animals in distress, proves that change is possible and that education is the core. Research shows that there is a direct connection between the manner in which we relate to animals and our behavior towards one another. Animals don’t care about religion, nationality, race or color. All they ask is to be treated with respect and we, humans, have a lot to learn from them”.

The Chairperson of the SPCA, Hilma Shmoshkovitz and the Egyptian Ambassador in Israel, Dr. Mohammad Orfy
The Chairperson of the SPCA, Hilma Shmoshkovitz and the Egyptian Ambassador in Israel, Dr. Mohammad Orfy

We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the organizations and people who contributed to the success of the event. A special thanks to Domino’s Pizza, for the donation of trays of vegetarian pizzas, and to Moshe Ahuvi of the famous Jaffa confectioners, Piece of Cake who voluntarily prepared vegetarian pastries and an impressive cake with the caption “Peace of Cake”.

Vegetarian refreshments from 'Domino's Pizza' and 'Piece of Cake' Confectioners
Vegetarian refreshments from ‘Domino’s Pizza’ and ‘Piece of Cake’ Confectioners

A Year of Love

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel presents: Calendar 2014-2015

As the New Year approaches, SPCA Israel is publishing its annual calendar for 2014-15. This year, our traditional calendar is dedicated to dogs that were adopted from the shelter by families with children, and to the unique ties that develop between children and dogs.

The months of the year are decorated with beautiful pictures; of Agam Pappel with her dog Zoe, Omri Yaron with his dog, Lucci, the brothers Yael and Lior Arbiv with their dog Toffy and many other children photographed with their beloved four-legged friends, reflecting the great joy that animals have brought to their homes.

Of the intense attachment and love between children and dogs, movingly expressed in this year’s calendar, much has been written and researched. For many children, their family pet is their best friend – a companion who offers infinite love, helping the child develop responsibility, self-confidence, sensitivity towards others and the ability to both receive and give emotionally. Research indicates that caring for a pet brings added value to the child’s development and contributes significantly to promoting a positive self-image and emotional development.

In addition, a child who takes care of a pet and makes a connection with it, will learn to develop empathy, will better understand the other and will develop social skills and a rich array of problem-solving strategies. It is our hope that this calendar will encourage many more families to adopt animals and so gain unconditional love, friendship and loyalty.

The calendar will be sent to all who make a telephone (03-5136500 or *4553) donation of NIS 35 or more, till stock runs out.

We wish to thank photographer, Shiran Carmel, and graphic designer, Shira Lautman, who volunteered to create this calendar, and to the “Solano” and “Ensol” Companies, who contributed to its production.

To see the calendar, click here.

New: Children’s Website

SPCA Israel has launched a website for children, rich in content from the animal world

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel proudly announces the launching of a Children’s Internet Site, which includes information about the SPCA, its activities and the animals in its care. There is material on the animals up for adoption, along with news, enriching articles and video clips both from the animal world and on environmental issues, as well as an online magazine, comics series and games.

In the belief that educating the future generation is the key to producing a more ethical society, exhibiting tolerance and a humane approach to animals, the SPCA has been running a Department of Humanistic Education for many years, operating hundreds of educational activities annually for children and youth. The SPCA Children’s Website, which will operate alongside the SPCA website, is a direct extension of our strong connection with the young generation and constitutes a further platform for raising awareness and conveying important messages regarding animal welfare.

The new website, designed for children from the age of seven, includes content on the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, its various departments, and the animals cared for under its auspices. These include dogs and cats awaiting adoption, horses and donkeys undergoing rehabilitation, and animals in the Petting Corner. There are articles and video clips covering animal rescue operations, varied news clips, moving stories, as well as enriching articles from the animal world. There are an online newspaper, articles regarding responsible adoption and tips for school assignments, as well as a special section dedicated to environmental issues with articles on global warming, pollution of our beaches and tips about water and electricity conservation and recycling. In addition to all the above, the website includes book recommendations, two comic strips (“Izzy” by Dovi Keich and “The Three Brothers” by Itamar Daube), amusing short films from the internet starring animals, and links to games.

According to Hilma Shmoshkovitz, Chairperson (Volunteer) of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, “We are very proud of our new website for children, the first of its kind in Israel. The website provides rich, user-friendly information in a straight forward manner, which is particularly important in this age, when children and youth are exposed to limitless information which is not always suitable to their age group”.

In honor of the launching of the new website, a contest with prizes will be held on the SPCA Facebook page. We invite you to surf to the new Children’s Website to take part in the activity.

Feelings that Should be Respected

Watch the video clip produced by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, encouraging a humane approach to animals

The SPCA Department of Humanistic Education produced a special video clip aiming to raise awareness amongst children, youth, and adults of the need to respect animals and their feelings and to prevent cases of abuse. In the clip, Jewish and Arab children from the “Hinuch LePisgot” Organization in Jaffa are filmed during emotionally moving moments which they experienced with the SPCA animals.

The song “Feelings that Should be Respected”, written in Hebrew and Arabic by the Arab rapper Jamal Nefar, emphasizes values such as love, respect, compassion and kindness, which animals need, particularly those who were domesticated by man and are dependent on his benevolence. Amongst others appearing in the song is the true story of the bitch Alex, a German Shepherd who was severely abused, rehabilitated by the SPCA, then finally found a warm and loving home and the tale of the cruel reality to which kittens are born and the abuse to which they are exposed from an early age.

We wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people who volunteered to produce the clip:
Songwriter: Jamal Nefar
Director and Editor: Leora Hai
Chief Photographer: Or Shaier
Production: Yaniv Ovadia, the Department for Humanistic Education, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel


Transcending all Boundaries

A month full of special activities run by the SPCA Department of Humanistic Education

Love of animals is common to so many of us, transcending all communities and sectors, as reflected in the various activities run by the SPCA Department of Humanistic Education last month.

A group of youth, from the ‘Derchei Noam’ High School Yeshiva in Petach Tikvah, who had never before come into contact with dogs and cats, discovered the magic that the connection with animals brings and were particularly excited by the special activities. At the end of the visit, Sagi, one of the youth, said: “I got tremendous satisfaction from helping these amazing animals, who only ask for human contact, some warmth and love”.

Educational activity in the Almajad Middle School – Taibe
Educational activity in the Almajad Middle School – Taibe

The Department of Humanistic Education’s activities in Taibe have become a tradition, with the Department giving special lessons to the children in the town every year. In the activities held in the Middle School ‘Almajad’, the children were told about the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, the process of housetraining, the importance of responsible adoption and of spaying and sterilizing. When the activities came to an end, the young people found it hard to part from Nella, the dog who had joined them during their visit.

Immigrant children, whose parents came to Israel from many different parts of the world, are also regular visitors to the Society. This month, 60 children from the ‘Eitan Tribe’ Clubhouse, associated with the ‘Tzimaon’ Organization and 40 children from the ‘Kedima Woolfson’ youth center, associated with the ‘LeSova’ Organization, visited the SPCA. According to Yogev Golan, a group leader from the youth center: “This is the second time that we have come here with the kids, and each time it is great fun! The kids didn’t stop talking about the anticipated visit for weeks and we wish to thank the dedicated and caring staff”.

Immigrant children playing with the dogs
Immigrant children playing with the dogs

Our educational activities are also suitable for families. Last month two special groups visited the SPCA: A group of kids who study in the home learning framework came with their parents, and a group of families from the ‘Kesher– The Home of Special Families’ Organization, whose aim is to reinforce the position of parents and families of children with special needs.

This month we were also happy to host two youth groups. The first group was made up of 9th Grade students from the ‘Katzir’ High School in Holon, who are enrolled in the Excellence Stream, and who represent the State of Israel in international competitions in the Sciences in the framework of the ‘Robotica’ Project. The students chose to volunteer in the SPCA during the Hanukah vacation and they made the dogs that they took out for long, pampering walks, very happy.

During ‘Animal Welfare Month’, held in the Municipal Tet High School in Rishon le Zion, representatives of the Humanistic Education Department gave a lecture at the school, and at the second stage, a group of 9-10th Grade students came to visit the SPCA. The project organizer, Lior Yogev (in the main photo), a 12th Grade student, is a member of the social organization LEAD – an organization numbering 120 students all of whom promote a project in their school. According to Lior, “The students were exposed to the reality regarding animals in the country, and that is actually the main part of the project. The visit to the Society had a very positive effect on all the students and even those who were afraid of dogs got confidence and took the dogs out for walks”.

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel has been running a Department of Humanistic Education for many years. The Department organizes educational activities for groups of all ages and from all sectors. Its aims are to convey messages relating to the importance of treating animals humanely and raising awareness of animal welfare in Israel. The activities, held in the SPCA facility in Tel Aviv or in other institutions where Department representatives are invited to visit, are adjusted to suit the age of the participants and are accompanied by short videos and fun activities.

If you are also interested in an enjoyable guided tour of the SPCA, inviting a representative to give a lecture, visiting the facility during a company ‘Contributing to the Community’ day, or celebrating a Birthday with Added Value, please contact us at *4553.

Happy Birthday to Guy!

Congratulations! The theme of Guy Inbar's eighth birthday was animals and so he celebrated the occasion in the SPCA

Birthdays are one of the most exciting days in a child’s life. Guy Inbar of Tel Aviv chose to celebrate his birthday in a very special way: He invited all his friends to take part in activities on the topic of animals at his birthday party in the SPCA.

The party was run by the Society’s Department of Humanistic Education that planned a rich, exciting program of activities for the guests. Following a reception and light refreshments, the young guests heard a short description of the Society and its activities.

Then they were shown a variety of animals, including snakes, a spider, ferret and scorpion, and the excited children, who were thrilled with the exotic animals, had their photos taken with them as a souvenir. Afterwards, the children were given a guided tour of the various departments, petted the cats in the cats’ home and took the dogs that are waiting for adoption out for walks. The children had a hard time parting from the dogs but once they had said goodbye, the festive event came to an end with birthday cake for all.

It isn't a party without a cake
It isn’t a party without a cake

According to Guy’s mother, Bat Inbar: “It was a particularly pleasurable event. The children enjoyed it immensely and the direct connection that they made with the animals was absolutely amazing. The other parents also expressed their enthusiasm and said that the event was really exceptional. It was such fun that we didn’t feel the time flying by”.

Your kids like animals? Searching for a unique idea for a birthday party? The Society’s Department of Humanistic Education would be delighted to help you plan an exciting event with added value for the kids. For further details, click here, or call us at: *4553.

Festival Fun!

Also during the High Holidays, the Department of Humanistic Education of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provided educational activities for groups

During the High Holidays the Department of Humanistic Education of the SPCA ran educational activities for groups who enjoyed a guided tour of the Society and pampered the dogs who are awaiting adoption by taking them out for long walks.

Young people from the US and Canada visited the Society
Young people from the US and Canada visited the Society

Right after Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) a group from “The Israeli Experience” – 25 young people from the US and Canada – visited the Society. They were given explanations about the work done by the SPCA, visited the cats’ home, saw the stables and expended a great deal of energy by taking the dogs out for walks. “These dogs are simply beautiful, I hope that they all find new homes very quickly”, said Yoni Friedman, while his fellow group member, Emma Fink, summed up the visit: “It was fun taking the dogs for a walk and playing with them. They are amazing, reminding me of the dogs who are waiting for me at home -and now I miss my dogs even more”.

Gili and Ronnie Etinger
Gili and Ronnie Etinger

During the intervening days of the Sukkot holidays, a group from a Tel Aviv parent-run vacation camp came to take part in an enjoyable educational activity in the Society. The kids enjoyed the direct contact with the animals and at the end of the day even raised a contribution for the animals.

A contribution for the animals
A contribution for the animals

We wish to express our appreciation to the group members and invite other groups interested in visiting the Society to call us at: *4553.