A Year of Love

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel presents: Calendar 2014-2015

As the New Year approaches, SPCA Israel is publishing its annual calendar for 2014-15. This year, our traditional calendar is dedicated to dogs that were adopted from the shelter by families with children, and to the unique ties that develop between children and dogs.

The months of the year are decorated with beautiful pictures; of Agam Pappel with her dog Zoe, Omri Yaron with his dog, Lucci, the brothers Yael and Lior Arbiv with their dog Toffy and many other children photographed with their beloved four-legged friends, reflecting the great joy that animals have brought to their homes.

Of the intense attachment and love between children and dogs, movingly expressed in this year’s calendar, much has been written and researched. For many children, their family pet is their best friend – a companion who offers infinite love, helping the child develop responsibility, self-confidence, sensitivity towards others and the ability to both receive and give emotionally. Research indicates that caring for a pet brings added value to the child’s development and contributes significantly to promoting a positive self-image and emotional development.

In addition, a child who takes care of a pet and makes a connection with it, will learn to develop empathy, will better understand the other and will develop social skills and a rich array of problem-solving strategies. It is our hope that this calendar will encourage many more families to adopt animals and so gain unconditional love, friendship and loyalty.

The calendar will be sent to all who make a telephone (03-5136500 or *4553) donation of NIS 35 or more, till stock runs out.

We wish to thank photographer, Shiran Carmel, and graphic designer, Shira Lautman, who volunteered to create this calendar, and to the “Solano” and “Ensol” Companies, who contributed to its production.

To see the calendar, click here.