Indifferent to their Fate

Two physically debilitated donkeys were found wandering around alone, and the Municipality was indifferent to their well-being

This week, we again came face-to-face with the ineffectiveness of the authorities with regard to animals in distress. On Saturday morning, a SPCA volunteer saw a frightened horse wandering around in the middle of a junction in south Tel Aviv. The volunteer unsuccessfully tried to catch the horse, and returned to the site of the incident a short while later with a harness, to try and find the horse. During the search, the volunteer noticed two donkeys in the vicinity, abandoned by their owners. One of them was suffering from a serious wound on his leg. A person who lived nearby helped the volunteer tie up the donkeys near his home.

While the donkeys were given water, the volunteer reported the incident to the Veterinarian Department of the Tel Aviv Municipality and continued her search for the lost horse. Meanwhile other representatives of the SPCA contacted the Tel Aviv Municipality and were told that inspectors were on their way, but that there is no veterinary supervision on Shabbat. After a delay of over three hours, the Municipality inspectors reached the scene. After speaking to the Municipal Veterinarian, Dr. Zvi Gallin, they claimed that it was not in their power to transfer the donkeys and that they would only be able to discuss how to deal with them on Sunday morning.

According to the volunteer: “The irresponsible manner in which the Municipality works is infuriating. Two emaciated and dehydrated donkeys in distress are suffering and the Municipal inspectors are indifferent to their fate. I couldn’t believe my ears when I called the Municipal call center at one point and they told me that they are waiting to see if the donkeys wander onto a main road, if something happens to them and if any other people call in to make a report. Why do they have to wait for an accident where people may be involved or these poor animals get hurt before the authorities respond?”

Serious wound on the donkey's hoof
Serious wound on the donkey’s hoof

Thanks to the SPCA, two young donkeys that were in extremely bad physical condition were taken to a secure facility belonging to a third party, with the SPCA taking responsibility for the costs involved in their care. The donkeys received first aid and were then examined by a horse veterinarian. Donations, small or large, will help us to rehabilitate these donkeys as well as other horses and donkeys that have suffered abuse and neglect.

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