Feelings that Should be Respected

Watch the video clip produced by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, encouraging a humane approach to animals

The SPCA Department of Humanistic Education produced a special video clip aiming to raise awareness amongst children, youth, and adults of the need to respect animals and their feelings and to prevent cases of abuse. In the clip, Jewish and Arab children from the “Hinuch LePisgot” Organization in Jaffa are filmed during emotionally moving moments which they experienced with the SPCA animals.

The song “Feelings that Should be Respected”, written in Hebrew and Arabic by the Arab rapper Jamal Nefar, emphasizes values such as love, respect, compassion and kindness, which animals need, particularly those who were domesticated by man and are dependent on his benevolence. Amongst others appearing in the song is the true story of the bitch Alex, a German Shepherd who was severely abused, rehabilitated by the SPCA, then finally found a warm and loving home and the tale of the cruel reality to which kittens are born and the abuse to which they are exposed from an early age.

We wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people who volunteered to produce the clip:
Songwriter: Jamal Nefar
Director and Editor: Leora Hai
Chief Photographer: Or Shaier
Production: Yaniv Ovadia, the Department for Humanistic Education, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel