DIY – Art Projects for Dogs and Cats

Do it Yourself: A video series of designer items for dogs and cats. A special project of SPCA Israel in collaboration with “Crafty Studio”

Photography & Editing: VIP Design


The pets we raise enrich our lives in so many ways. This series of short films, offering great ideas for creating designer items for house pets, can provide “quality-craft-time” with our kids, enrich our world, and enrich the world of our beloved four-footed friends.

A special collaboration between the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel and designer Oshrit Ben-Gal, owner of “Crafty Studio”, gave rise to a series of short films conveying original and simple-to-make craft ideas that will delight dogs, cats, and, of course, their owners. This film series, bearing the title: “Let’s craft – Pet crafts”, instructs viewers on how to create original beds, delightful toys, a colorful nail-filing contraption, specially designed clothing, a wooden board for hanging pet-related items, as well as a box and water & food dispenser for homeless cats. The projects are all very user-friendly and simple to make, based on various art-techniques combining recycled objects, household tools, and art materials obtainable in specialty stores at low prices.

So now is the time to cut, color, sew, paste, recycle, fly on the wings of your imagination, reveal your creative spirit, enjoy the process, and especially the outcome.

Cat toy

Dog clothing

Dog & cat bed

Dog toy

Cat nail-filing contraption

Cat box

Cat & dog water dispenser

Hanging-board for dog leash, dog brush etc.

Storage container for waste-collection bags

Dog bow-tie


“CRAFTY” headed by designer Oshrit Ben-Gal, is an art workshop center, which incorporates craft techniques with artistic design. In her spacious studio, located in Tel Aviv between Nachalat Binyamin and Neve Tzedek, stands a large wooden table which, on a daily basis, converts into an experimental, artistic learning space. The studio offers regularly-scheduled classes, summer day-camps, and workshops at varying levels of difficulty, for children and adults, as well as personally tailored workshops, offering enrichment activities for employee team-building days, birthday parties and other special occasions and social events.
Crafty Studio, 6 Gruzenberg Street, Tel Aviv. Tel: 052-4620336.

Boundless Love

To honor the special connection between pets and their owners, jewelry designer Diva Zucker has created a special collection for two-legged humans and their four-legged friends, with part of the proceeds going to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel

Much has been researched and written about the special connection between cats or dogs and their owners. The jewelry-maker and designer Diva Zucker, owner of “DeZinger Studio”, has taken things one step further and created a collection of unique pendants for pets and their owners, called Paw Wow. Part of the proceeds from the sales are donated to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel. Proud pet owners are invited to wear this fashionable item, worn also by their four-legged best friend, and thus make a donation to those animals who are yet to find that special person to shower them with love.

The collection includes a selection of designer pendants made of stainless steel with figures of cats and dogs and other elements from the world of the love for animals. The owner’s pendant has a sterling silver chain, and the pet’s pendant, which can bear an inscription of the animal’s name or owner’s identifying details, has a handy clasp for the collar. At the center of the collection are matching sets: a BFF chain and pendant for the owner and a matching pendant for the pet. All collection items are made of quality materials developed with thought and designed to be durable and last for many years.

Jewelry collection for pets and owners. Photographer: Shai Asheri
Jewelry collection for pets and owners. Photographer: Shai Asheri

The Paw Wow collection is for men, women and their four-legged friends, and there is nothing more fitting as a personal and original gift for dear friends. The unique pendants can be purchased at the website. Price: 150-190 ILS including delivery costs and a donation of love to the abandoned animals living in SPCA Israel’s shelter.

Diva drew inspiration for the creation of the collection from the cats Gever and Achlah that she adopted from SPCA Israel. “Since as far back as I can remember, I always had a dog, a cat, or both, at my side…” She added, “As a young girl I always took injured and abandoned animals into our home at Moshav Neta’im, some arriving at our doorstep after hearing the rumor that we are ‘the family that takes in strays’. We never bought animals; we always saved and rehabilitated them, and if we couldn’t find them a home, we raised them ourselves, because you simply do not abandon an animal”.

“Loving and caring for animals is an inseparable part of me, and when I started out as a jewelry designer, I had the idea to honor the special connection between pets and their owners. We mark our love for our partner, our families and close friends, but our pets also give us unconditional love. The new collection allows us to show everyone who our best friend is, in a stylized statement, and at the same time to donate to animals who have not been so lucky”.

To view and purchase the Paw Wow collection click here.

“No longer “Invisible

A special project in cooperation with ‘Petnet’ website: Thirteen dogs that were quarantined under terrible conditions were brought to the SPCA shelter, where they are awaiting good and loving homes

This week SPCA Israel’s shelter took in thirteen dogs that had been held in quarantine under terrible conditions in the north of the country. This was done in order to grant them an opportunity for adoption and a good life with loving families. Many professionals enlisted to volunteer to assist the “Invisible Dogs” project initiated by Petnet and, through a united effort, the dogs were brought to SPCA.

According to the staff at Petnet: “When we arrived at the quarantine site, we witnessed a horrifying picture – dozens of mostly young and healthy dogs that had been abandoned by their owners, all of them in cages, waiting to be put down”.

The 13 newcomers brought to the SPCA shelter have undergone a complete transformation. Thanks to pampering showers, haircuts and grooming, they have transformed from neglected, dirty and “invisible” dogs to attractive, handsome models of beauty. Now, after veterinary check-ups and treatment, they are eagerly waiting to “open a new chapter” in their lives and to give lots of love to the lucky people who adopt them. You are cordially invited to the SPCA to offer them a new home.

Photography: Lior Golsad

We would like to thank Petnet; Lior Golsad, the canine photographer; Stas Kahn, the videographer; Ziv Rozenblat who volunteers at the quarantine site; Dr Avi Pacho who vaccinated the dogs against rabies; Eyal Gatnu, who rescued the dogs and brought them to the shelter; Inbal Van Karfeld and Tom Morley from the ‘Miss Dulitel’ dog salon, who groomed the dogs; and Robert Raviv from ‘Petpo’, who was tasked with their grooming.

Feelings that Should be Respected

Watch the video clip produced by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, encouraging a humane approach to animals

The SPCA Department of Humanistic Education produced a special video clip aiming to raise awareness amongst children, youth, and adults of the need to respect animals and their feelings and to prevent cases of abuse. In the clip, Jewish and Arab children from the “Hinuch LePisgot” Organization in Jaffa are filmed during emotionally moving moments which they experienced with the SPCA animals.

The song “Feelings that Should be Respected”, written in Hebrew and Arabic by the Arab rapper Jamal Nefar, emphasizes values such as love, respect, compassion and kindness, which animals need, particularly those who were domesticated by man and are dependent on his benevolence. Amongst others appearing in the song is the true story of the bitch Alex, a German Shepherd who was severely abused, rehabilitated by the SPCA, then finally found a warm and loving home and the tale of the cruel reality to which kittens are born and the abuse to which they are exposed from an early age.

We wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people who volunteered to produce the clip:
Songwriter: Jamal Nefar
Director and Editor: Leora Hai
Chief Photographer: Or Shaier
Production: Yaniv Ovadia, the Department for Humanistic Education, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel


The Door With the Dog

Contributions to the Society in the form of colorful front door signs

Most entrance doors are characterized by neutral colors, generic and boring design, offering no indication of who lives within. While much time and effort is devoted to interior design, with large sums of money and much time and effort devoted to achieving the perfect result, the entranceway does not get the same attention and is often left bare and abandoned.

The Pimp Your Door collection by the designer and studio owner Excite Tatiana Yarosh will upgrade the appearance of your door and give it new identity, and an inviting, colorful and fun look. These are a series of door signs matching the door and designed with illustrations of animals. The stickers, made from quality laser prints on paper combined with PVC, are particularly hardwearing and their adhesive is easy to use. All that remains is to choose the icon that you like the most (blue or pink owl, a cat or dog) and next time that you give someone directions to your home, simply say “My door is the one with the dog!”.

Yarosh, a sworn animal lover, who has two beloved cats named Mio and Bossa, decided to donate 85 stickers to the SPCA in honor of the 85th anniversary of the Society’s activities. The money collected from the sale of the stickers will be used by the Society in its work with animals. Each sticker costs NIS45.

The entertaining video was produced by Tatyana Yarosh.
Director: Yana Kluvak.
Shooting and editing: Sargey Vlasov, Vlad Vaizehovsky
Screenplay and styling: Tatyana Yarosh
Leading role: Didas

Dogs in a Gallery

Young people chose to photograph the dogs of the Society in the framework of an experiential workshop of a photography course

The many dogs that stay in our kennel enjoy the attentions of regular volunteers and various groups that come for day visits. They got special treatment from a group of youngsters who came to us in the framework of a course in still photography, and became stars for a day.

Photographer: Mor Maayan
Photographer: Mor Maayan

These young people are taking a course at “Zilum Ba’am” under the guidance of the photographer Ronit Porat. This includes an experiential photography workshop, the goal of which is to develop individual expression and to give the participants a means of personal creativity. In the framework of the workshop the young people visited the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, toured the facilities, were given a talk about the activities of the Society, took the dogs out for walks and photographed them, while using the skills and the technical tools that they acquired during the course. The photographic works of some of the participants can be seen on this page.

Photographer: Esti Valdberg
Photographer: Esti Valdberg

Zilum Ba’am is a center for artists, photographers and the general public. It offers courses in photography with workshops as well as a studio and gallery for modern photography. It is a meeting place between photographic hobbyists looking to broaden their knowledge and photographers and graduates of art and photography schools looking for a framework and a workspace.

Main photo was photographed by Or Gold.