DIY – Art Projects for Dogs and Cats

Do it Yourself: A video series of designer items for dogs and cats. A special project of SPCA Israel in collaboration with “Crafty Studio”

Photography & Editing: VIP Design


The pets we raise enrich our lives in so many ways. This series of short films, offering great ideas for creating designer items for house pets, can provide “quality-craft-time” with our kids, enrich our world, and enrich the world of our beloved four-footed friends.

A special collaboration between the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel and designer Oshrit Ben-Gal, owner of “Crafty Studio”, gave rise to a series of short films conveying original and simple-to-make craft ideas that will delight dogs, cats, and, of course, their owners. This film series, bearing the title: “Let’s craft – Pet crafts”, instructs viewers on how to create original beds, delightful toys, a colorful nail-filing contraption, specially designed clothing, a wooden board for hanging pet-related items, as well as a box and water & food dispenser for homeless cats. The projects are all very user-friendly and simple to make, based on various art-techniques combining recycled objects, household tools, and art materials obtainable in specialty stores at low prices.

So now is the time to cut, color, sew, paste, recycle, fly on the wings of your imagination, reveal your creative spirit, enjoy the process, and especially the outcome.

Cat toy

Dog clothing

Dog & cat bed

Dog toy

Cat nail-filing contraption

Cat box

Cat & dog water dispenser

Hanging-board for dog leash, dog brush etc.

Storage container for waste-collection bags

Dog bow-tie


“CRAFTY” headed by designer Oshrit Ben-Gal, is an art workshop center, which incorporates craft techniques with artistic design. In her spacious studio, located in Tel Aviv between Nachalat Binyamin and Neve Tzedek, stands a large wooden table which, on a daily basis, converts into an experimental, artistic learning space. The studio offers regularly-scheduled classes, summer day-camps, and workshops at varying levels of difficulty, for children and adults, as well as personally tailored workshops, offering enrichment activities for employee team-building days, birthday parties and other special occasions and social events.
Crafty Studio, 6 Gruzenberg Street, Tel Aviv. Tel: 052-4620336.