The Door With the Dog

Contributions to the Society in the form of colorful front door signs

Most entrance doors are characterized by neutral colors, generic and boring design, offering no indication of who lives within. While much time and effort is devoted to interior design, with large sums of money and much time and effort devoted to achieving the perfect result, the entranceway does not get the same attention and is often left bare and abandoned.

The Pimp Your Door collection by the designer and studio owner Excite Tatiana Yarosh will upgrade the appearance of your door and give it new identity, and an inviting, colorful and fun look. These are a series of door signs matching the door and designed with illustrations of animals. The stickers, made from quality laser prints on paper combined with PVC, are particularly hardwearing and their adhesive is easy to use. All that remains is to choose the icon that you like the most (blue or pink owl, a cat or dog) and next time that you give someone directions to your home, simply say “My door is the one with the dog!”.

Yarosh, a sworn animal lover, who has two beloved cats named Mio and Bossa, decided to donate 85 stickers to the SPCA in honor of the 85th anniversary of the Society’s activities. The money collected from the sale of the stickers will be used by the Society in its work with animals. Each sticker costs NIS45.

The entertaining video was produced by Tatyana Yarosh.
Director: Yana Kluvak.
Shooting and editing: Sargey Vlasov, Vlad Vaizehovsky
Screenplay and styling: Tatyana Yarosh
Leading role: Didas