All her life before her

At the age of nine, having been abandoned twice, Simba is still optimistic about finding a warm and loving home

Many dogs are not privileged to spend their lives with one family, are abandoned and, against their will, have to adapt to new realities again and again. For dogs abandoned more than once, life is extremely hard.

Simba is such a dog – a mixed golden retriever, nine years of age, who reached the Society for the first time at the age of one when the family who first raised her, abandoned her. Simba found a new home and lived there for eight years, until three months ago when her owners asked to put her in the Dog’s Home for a short time. We are sorry to say, Simba’s owners never came back for her and didn’t respond to our calls or letters.

Simba is now looking for a new home once again, seemingly the fourth in her life. Simba is an easy-natured, friendly dog who gets along well with other dogs, people and, in particular, children. She is healthy, active, loves to play and go out for walks, and will bring lots of love to any family who want to make her part of their lives. The Society’s team, who fell in love with her very quickly, are giving her tons of attention and spoiling her and we all hope that she will soon get what she truly deserves – a stable home and responsible family who will raise her with love.

Update: Four days after Simba’s story was published, she was adopted by the Cohen family from Zichron Ya’akov.

Simba in her new home
Simba in her new home