Joy and Celebrations in the Society

Purim 2013 – Summary of the festive activities in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The pleasant weather and Purim atmosphere brought with them a wave of groups and individual visitors to the Society over the weekend and during the Purim holiday itself. On Sunday, the Society’s Department of Humanistic Education hosted a group of children and their families from the Variety Israel Organization, which operates many activities for children, both to give them pleasure and help them integrate socially and at a rehabilitative level in Israeli society.

The following day a special Purim Adoption Day was held, with the cooperation of the Rosh1 Magazine. During the day, many dogs and cats were adopted. The Pet Buy chain, under whose auspices the event was run, presented a special adoption kit and coupons to purchase items in any branch of the chain to all those who adopted a pet.

Purim at the Society
Purim at the Society

We thank you, the visitors and all those who adopted a pet and wish the animals a speedy absorption in their new homes.