Mandatory Neutering-Spaying Bill proposed by the SPCA moves on to the next stage

Confirmed at the preliminary reading: Dogs and cats will be given up for adoption only after spaying or neutering

The Bill proposed by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, by which animal welfare organizations, municipal dog kennels and animal shelters will only be permitted to give dogs and cats up for adoption after they have undergone spaying or neutering operations, was passed at the primary reading in the Knesset plenum.

The aim of the Law is to prevent suffering amongst dogs and cats by limiting births of unwanted litters, that are cruelly abandoned, thrown on to the streets or put down. The spaying and neutering procedures, that are the most humane way to solve this problem, will reduce the uncontrolled proliferation of cats and dogs while imposing order in many organizations, resulting in a more responsible adoption process than that existing today.

We wish to express our gratitude to MK Eitan Cabel, who has cooperated with us over the past several years to promote legislation on the topic of animal welfare, for leading the proposed Bill.