Attacking dogs in Menachem Begin Park

A duck attacked by dogs was rescued and healed at the Society's clinic

A simple stroll by a Tel Aviv resident in the city’s South Park ended in his rescuing a duck that was attacked by dogs.

About two weeks ago a Tel Aviv resident was taking an enjoyable stroll in South Park, when strange sounds suddenly drew his attention. When he got to the source of the sounds, the resident saw dogs attacking ducks close to the pond in the park. The resident chased away the dogs and discovered that two ducks had been killed as a result of the attack, and that a wounded and bleeding duck was still alive. Without hesitation the resident quickly brought the duck to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, where the veterinarians immediately began to treat it.

The veterinarians of the Society’s clinic found signs of deep bite wounds that injured, among other things, a leg muscle of the duck. It is likely that the duck would not have survived, they said, had it not been brought in for treatment. After cleaning its wounds and giving it antibiotics, the duck was put into a special heated room, and over the course of the last two weeks it underwent physiotherapy in order to strengthen the injured leg muscles.

הברווז מטופל במרפאה הווטרינרית של האגודה

Today the duck was transferred to the petting zoo of the Society. For the first stage, the duck was put in the area where the chickens and rodents are kept, since it is still weak, and because of the possibility that the other ducks might attack the newcomer to their facility. We hope that in the near future the duck will regain its strength and it will be able to join the duck flock at the petting zoo.

We wish to thank the city resident who showed resourcefulness in chasing away the dogs and in saving the injured duck. Since it is not clear whether the attacking dogs are abandoned dogs or belong to owners, we request that all dog owners follow the law by unleashing their dogs only in areas where it is permitted to do so and thus prevent such sad and unnecessary occurrences. Furthermore, we ask the public to be aware of any threats to animals, and to report any instance of attack, abuse or neglect that comes to their attention, to the offices of the Society.