A well at the end of the tunnel

A rescue campaign for saving a cat that fell into a sewage pit was crowned a success

The street cats that are in a daily battle with their ordained urban abode have to deal with an additional danger when the municipal authorities do not provide a quick solution to sanitation and security problems.

Two weeks after a resident of Rishon Le Zion heard the cries of a kitten coming from an open sewage pit, in the Ben Gurion Center, the staff of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, rescued the kitten from the hole and saved its life. The story happened two weeks ago when a female resident of Rishon Le Zion was walking her dog on the streets of the city and all of a sudden heard a quiet meow. By tracking the source of the meowing she was brought to an open sewage hole. A little kitten had fallen into the hole and it had no way out.

The woman called the emergency service at the Society and a rescue group from the Society arrived there to rescue the kitten from the hole. The rescue mission was difficult since the kitten was frightened and at first did not respond to the rescue attempts. For two weeks the rescue team of the Society came to the area and gave the kitten food and water so that it would not die of starvation or dehydration and also to eventually gain its trust. After this the team succeeded in rescuing the cat by way of a lure and they brought it for treatment at the Society’s clinic.

The Society’s veterinarian, Dr. Sharon Goldstein, treated the cat, which arrived infected and filthy. She cleaned it up and treated it for worms and parasites, and after a few days in which it received lots of attention and love from the attending staff the cat recovered. This week the cat was adopted by Roslan Krimov.

We want to thank the resident of Rishon Le Zion for her awareness, and we are requesting that the municipal authorities deal with the security and sanitary problems of this sort so that similar cases as this do not reoccur.