Stevie Sees the Light

Following sight restoration surgery, Stevie has also found a warm home

This week all the staff and volunteers in the Society were moved as they made their farewells to Stevie, a mixed-breed terrier puppy who had lived with us for the past six months and had just found a warm home.

Stevie came to us at the age of three months, along with his two sisters, when the family who reared their mother could not find a solution for them. A few days later, his two sisters were adopted, and we discovered that Stevie (who was named after the famous singer, Stevie Wonder) had sight problems and that he was almost totally blind.

Dr. Chavi Tzarfati of The Eyecare Clinic, examined Stevie and determined that he suffered from puppy cataracts in both eyes, and that surgery to restore his eyesight, even after major discounts, would cost thousands of Shekels. The Society started to make every effort for the surgery to take place and by advertising the story in the media and on our Facebook page, the necessary funds were collected and an artificial lens was implanted in Stevie’s eye.

Stevie remained in the Society for the following six months, during which time he underwent surgery and follow-up examinations, until Snir Cohen and Yossi Avraham, who were touched by Stevie’s story, decided to provide him with a warm and loving home.