Luna’s Microchip

MK Sheli Yehimovitz’s Lost Dog Comes Home Again – Thanks to the Society

Early this week a call came in to the Society’s telephone service center, reporting a stray, mixed breed Labrador on Yarkon Street in Tel-Aviv. Our rescue van set off immediately, reached the kiosk whose owners had reported the lost dog, and brought the dog in to the Society. Once they discovered that she bore a microchip, they found out that the dog in question was Luna, who had been adopted from the Society eight years ago by MK Sheli Yehimovitz.

Yehimovitz, who had been searching for her dog for many hours, was thrilled to hear that Luna had been found alive and well and came immediately to pick her up. Yehimovitz wrote in Facebook: “Our Luna slipped away through the open door and was missing for 24 long hours. We searched for her anxiously, all over, till they called us from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to let us know that Luna had been found, miserable and lost. We had adopted her from the Society years ago and now they had rescued her again – thanks to the microchip. Our gratitude goes out to the Society – Great work! By the way, there are many adorable dogs and cats waiting for adoption at the Society”.

The story of Luna’s disappearance ended well. Unfortunately, not every lost dog has such good luck and the stories of many other lost pets do not have a happy end. The reason for this is that they do not have microchips with their owners’ updated details in the National Microchip Center. To prevent such anguish, please ensure that your dog has a microchip inserted (as required by law) and that all your contact details are up-to-date.