The Next Generation

The Big Stars of 24/7: The Society’s eight adorable puppies

The residents of the reality show “Next Generation 24/7”, broadcast on Channel 10, were joined today by new tenants. It’s true, they didn’t have to undergo exhaustive auditions, but they will happily participate in any tasks and challenges facing the other inhabitants over the next three days.

Lily, Shafa, Pompa, Buli, Tzipora, Bambi, Shigo and Billy are the eight puppies who have moved into the luxurious villa where the show is broadcast, and will remain there for three full days. Eitan, the guys and girls will take care of them, will be given instructions and lessons on caring for pets from veterinarians and other professionals. This input from professionals will enhance their awareness of the sensitivities of animals and assist them in carrying out the varied tasks they will be given during these days. Lior Bernstein, the Society’s dog trainer, will also be in the Villa 24/7 in order to supervise and watch over the puppies and, when necessary, will provide professional and fast solutions to any problems that might arise.

This cooperation between the Society and the popular program has been undertaken to increase awareness of the need for responsible adoption, with emphasis given to the difficulties involved in the process, particularly in the case of raising young puppies. Many people rush to adopt puppies, who appear so appealing and adorable, without taking into account the fact that raising dogs and teaching them correct habits are not simple matters, but require sincere desire to rear a puppy, free time and perseverance. Without these, the puppies will not receive all their needs in order to grow into healthy adulthood and, too often, they will be abandoned when their owners realize that they don’t have the necessary time to devote to them.

Like hundreds of other puppies, the four-legged stars of the show were left with the Society when their mother’s owners couldn’t find a solution for all the puppies that were born. Some of them were given directly to the Society by the owners and some were abandoned on the street, collected by passers-by and brought to us.

These cute puppies will come back to the Society at the end of the week, and following the exposure received from their appearances on the program, they are expecting to find warm and loving homes very quickly. However, we wish to point out that we have tens of dogs and cats in the Society who didn’t achieve stardom but each and every one of them is very special and is waiting impatiently for his or her adoptive family.

We hope that through this cooperation, a large number of people in the audience will display sensitivity to the plight of these animals, and that many of them will learn more about caring for animals, the importance of adoption and all the responsibility adoption involves.