Let’s All Pull Together – United Purim Adoption Day

Shoshan Purim celebrations of joy : Adopting and winning a new friend for life while receiving Purim gifts

Purim is the festival of great joy – joy that is much needed also by abandoned animals from all over the country, that are waiting for a warm home and good families of their own.

This Purim the festivities will be marked by a concerted and joyful event. Especially for the holiday we have initiated a collaborative project between the Rosh1Maganzine, the Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals throughout Israel and the Pet Buy Chain Stores. In the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva, teams of professionals will be on hand to help those wishing to adopt and will assist them in finding the perfect four-legged friend, who will bring them lots of love and joy.

Animal lovers are invited to come along on Monday, Shoshan Purim, February 25th, between 10:00 – 16:00 to the branch of the Society nearest their homes and to take upon themselves the adoption of dogs and cats who have been abandoned and are in such great need of a joyous new start. The Pet Buy Chain will give a gift of a special adoption kit to all those who adopt a pet. The gift will include a sack of Super Premium “Nutram” food, a high-quality food bowl and coupons for purchases worth NIS140 for use in any of the Pet Buy chain’s stores.

Would you also like to contribute to the animals?
When you come to the Society in Tel Aviv, bring along empty cans or plastic and glass beverage containers for which a deposit was made (bottles of less than one and a half liters). The Angels Project, run by MELI (The Center for Entrepreneurial Citizens) will allow us to redeem the deposits on the containers, the value of which will be given to the Society as a donation.

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, 159 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv. Telephone: *4553.
SPCA Rehovot, Moti Kind Street, New Industrial Area, Rehovot. Telephone: 08-9460135.
SPCA Jerusalem, Atarot Industrial Zone, Jerusalem. Telephone: 02-5854465.
SPCA Beer Sheva, 7 Yehoshua HaTzoref Street, Industrial Zone Area C., Beer Sheva. Telephone: 08-6281808.