Humanistic Education in the Arab Sector

The Society's Educational Department gave lessons in the Taibe Junior High Schools

An exceptional educational project was carried out by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel during which seminars on the subject of animals were held with the participation of hundreds of pupils from the Al Najah and Al Ahwa Junior High Schools in Taibe.

This unique educational enrichment program was developed by the Society’s Department for Humanistic Education whose goal is to increase awareness towards animals, their rights and how to treat and respect them, amongst pupils from the Arab sector. A wide range of team members from the Society took part and during the sessions the participants learnt about domestic animals, their needs, how to take care of them, the importance of spaying and neutering and how to display responsibility towards them. In addition, a video clip in Arabic on the subject of animal abuse, produced especially for this project, was screened.

Booly, a wonderful five month old dog who is being offered for adoption in the Society, also took part in the lessons. With Booly’s help the pupils, most of who are not accustomed to dogs, were given explanations about dogs’ highly developed senses, and were taught how to approach them, pet them and behave around them. This exciting hands on and direct encounter with Booly allowed even those who were nervous at first, to overcome their fears – and Booly really enjoyed the attention that was lavished upon him!

The district veterinarian of the cities of Taibe and Kalansuwa, Dr. Abu Ras, who was present during the seminars, was glad to see how the pupils exhibited interest in the various issues and pleased with the ongoing cooperation between the Society that has continued over the past few years. According to the Principal of the Al Najah School, Abed Hakim Hajihia, “Animals are part of our environment, and the pupils have to learn to care for them, pay them attention and prevent abuse. I wish to thank the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel for this welcome activity and am sure that the pupils were greatly enriched by the lessons”.