About Kids and Puppies

Through a unique annual project, children attending the Tirosh and Yitzhar Kindergartens in Tel Aviv, contributed to the Society’s puppy shelter

This week heralds the finale of a very special annual community contribution project held by two kindergartens in the Bavli, Tel Aviv district – Gan Tirosh and Gan Yitzhar. The project was initiated by Beit Daniel with the aim of introducing the concept of charity to children. The project involved the children choosing a goal towards which they would collect donations and design collection boxes in the theme of their project. The kindergarten teachers presented a variety of options and again this year, for the second year running, the children chose the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel.

Thus the project is taking place for a further year in cooperation with the Society. From conversations with the children, it was apparent that many of them love animals and even have pets of their own at home, some of which were adopted from the Society.

At the opening of the school year, a special “New Month Ceremony” was held, in the presence of representatives from the Society, the Project was declared open, and during the ceremony, the representatives explained to the children about the Society and its activities. During the year, various activities concerning animals were held in the kindergartens and once a month the children from both kindergartens gathered together for New Month Ceremonies when the contributions they had collected for the Society were deposited into the impressive collection boxes that they had made.

This week the closing ceremony of the Project took place and the children prepared songs and dances for the event. The excited children welcomed the representatives of the Society with great enthusiasm and proudly presented their full collection boxes to them. The total collected this year reached over NIS 1,000. This money will be used for the care of young, abandoned puppies under the age of three months, who are looked after in the Puppies Section of the Society under constant supervision. Two of the puppies were given new names – Tirosh and Yitzhar, after the kindergartens, and will be able to leave the Society to go to new, adoptive homes in about two weeks from now.

We wish to convey our heartfelt thanks to the kindergarten children, their parents and their teachers – Sharona Israel Alter, Carmit Lurie Rosen, Hagit Morduch and Tzippy Ashkenazi – for this most welcome initiative and for their enthusiastic and fruitful cooperation.