For the first time: enrichment seminars on the topic of animals in the Arab sector

In the framework of this unique educational project the Society held seminars at the Junior High School in Taiyiba

In the framework of an exceptional educational project of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, seminars on the topic of animals have been held for all 500 students at the Al Majad Junior High School in Taiyiba.

This unique enrichment program was developed by the Humane Education Division of the Society to fit the participants, and its goal is the heightened awareness of the students in the Arab sector to animals, their rights, and the way to treat them and respect them. For the seminar week a wide range of staff from the Society arrived there, and during the course of the lessons the participants learned about cats and dogs, the difficulties that they have endured, what their needs are, how to treat them, why neutering and spaying are important, and how to demonstrate responsibility. A video film in Arabic on the topic of abuses of animals was produced especially for the project.

The veterinarian of the Society, Dr. Elad Shapira, told the students about the required vaccinations for pets and their importance, and answered all the questions raised by the curious students. The adoption coach of the Society, the dog trainer Naama Rolnick, brought with her a one year old mixed breed boxer named Sky, who is a candidate for adoption at the Society. With the help of Sky, Rolnick explained to the students, most of whom are not used to dogs, about their developed senses, how to behave in their presence and how to approach them and pet them. This exciting, direct meeting of the students with the dog, brought even the fearful ones among them to overcome their fears, and Sky enjoyed all the attention that was directed at her during the whole week.

This project got underway thanks to the cooperation of the Society with the official veterinarian of the towns of Taiyiba and Qalansawe, Dr. Abu Raz. Dr. Raz, who was present during the seminar days, was satisfied with the great interest that the students showed towards the various topics. In the words of the principal of the Al Majad School, Waji Dalhum, “We are always looking to expose the students to a wide range of topics, and the topic of animals is a very important one. The students need to learn and understand that animals are part of our environment, and that they need to be protected, to be paid attention to and to be kept from abuse”.

We believe that education towards tolerance and awareness is a guarantee of a humane future, and we see the youth of the Arab sector as an important target group. Activities such as these are leading the way and making a substantial contribution to the development of positive feelings towards animals, as well as awareness of their rights, needs and welfare. We hope that additional schools from the Arab sector will join this important educational project.